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A Quiet Death by Cari Hunter

Posted by annemag on 17 February 2017

This is the third adventure of Sanne and Meg and as soon as I put it down, I wanted to chase Ms Hunter to get book four written. If you haven't read one and two, I suggest (after you read this review) you go to your purchase place of choice and get them. My guess is that if you start with three, you'll only want to get one and two anyway so you might as well start there and read them in order. Trust me, on that!

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Review of Fanny Fun by M Cassol

Posted by Amy Withnall on 17 February 2017

Fanny Fun is exactly what it says on the tin – A big lesbian drama in a small straight world. The book is all about connections and how our decisions, no matter how tiny can have an impact on the world around us and how the connections we make, make us realise just how tiny a world we live in.

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The Nature of Fragments by Katie Bennett-Hall

Posted by annemag on 09 February 2017

Recognising that these are mere snippets – fragments – it is plain to see the mastery of language here. My favourite poem is “What it is like to be a dyke”. A seemingly straightforward list type poem, it says much in a few lines. 

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Nothing to Lose by Clare Lydon

Posted by Amy Withnall on 01 February 2017

The latest book from Clare Lydon is out. Nobody would ever describe Scarlet Williams as a ray of sunshine, but that doesn’t mean she deserves the flood that wipes out her basement flat, making her temporarily homeless.

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Embrace your fluid sexuality with Fanny Fun

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 30 January 2017

In 1948, the release of Alfred Kinsey’s ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male’ introduced the world to the Kinsey Scale, and the now-widely-accepted notion that people are not simply “straight” or “gay”. Sexuality is fluid and, in a compelling new novel by M. Cassol, women everywhere are encouraged to discover and prosper as who they really are.

Fanny Fun’ whisks readers from Sydney to the South of France, as a formidable team of heroines explore their bisexuality and lesbianism in the elusive search for love. 

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Bureau of Holiday Affairs by Andi Marquette

Posted by annemag on 06 December 2016

As we approach the Christmas season, it makes sense to seek out seasonal reading and one good lesfic recommendation from me is The Bureau of Holiday Affairs by Andi Marquette. If you've read anything of Andi's before, you'll know you're in safe hands. This is the same series (Twice Told Tales) as her take on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but as you've missed Halloween for that one, check out the Christmas read instead.

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Short Sharp Shocks by Jett Nyx

Posted by annemag on 27 November 2016

The book is in four parts (1) Innocence, (2) Identity, (3) Love and (4) Lust. Lots of clues there about what to expect and the content gets more graphic as the book progresses. There are a few weak pieces, especially poems where Jett Nyx is trying to make words fit a context or shape and some of the emotion is lost but there are some extremely good pieces where the emotion is so strong it is pushing off the page.

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Dirty Little War by CK Martin

Posted by Amy Withnall on 23 November 2016

Evie and Carmen are at opposite ends of the crime world but a meeting in a sleazy bar brings them closer together than either of them ever imagined. For Evie this is a chance to get one over on the rich businesswoman but it soon turns into something much more.

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Karma the Assassin Book Review

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 12 October 2016

I have a recommendation for you.

Karma The Assassin Book One. It's a book about power.

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"As Told By Us" Murder Mystery Book Review

Posted by Amy Withnall on 04 October 2016

"As Told By Us" is an eclectic mixture of romance and murder. Main Character, Layla Crimson, delves into a new and local LGBT scene where she is met with love, lust, and deceit. Her seemingly split personality leads the reader down a path of falling in love with her, and being unsure of her at the same time. Join Layla as she takes hearts, and experiences heartbreak as suicide rates seem to be on the rise in her small town. Who will be the next to die?

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