About Planet Nation

Planet London was founded in 2011 by Naomi Bennett and Katie Hall. In 2016 Katie Bennett-Hall left the business and Naomi Bennett re-launched the website as Planet Nation - expanding the breadth of the website to reflect the wide content.

Planet Nation is a listings and lifestyle website by the community for the community. As well as an events calendar to promote the events taking place in the community, there is also a variety of articles on various subjects including books, theatre, music and general lifestyle and opinion articles.

Planet Nation works hard to give visibility and a platform to those in our community keeping it going, and often overlooked. It is proud to collaborate and contribute on a regular basis and is always open to new suggestions of ways to further enhance our community.

Planet Nation is one of the websites that comes under the Ultimate Planet umbrella. All of the Planet strands have one thing in common; support, promotion and focus on the LBQ community.


An accessible, exciting and diverse social and support scene for LBQ women living in, and visiting London.


To make it easy for all LBQ women to find out what's going on, and when, in London and across the nation, and to share their experiences and knowledge of the social and support scene with each other.


  • Diversity - welcome all LBQ women to the website and communicate listings that reflect the wide ranging tastes of all visitors
  • Accessibility - ensuring our visitors have the information they want in the way they want
  • Community - be an integral member of the LBQ women's community across the nation
  • Partnership - where appropriate, work in partnership with other people to give the best opportunities and experience for LBQ women in, and visiting the UK


  • Provide up to date listings pages and events calendar that lists as many of the activities available to LBQ women in the UK
  • Use community reviewers to share their experiences of the LBQ scene to give additional information to the standard listings
  • Develop the lifestyle sections to ensure they reflect the diversity of LBQ women
  • To develop sustainable practices so Planet London can continue to be a useful resource forLBQ women living in, and visiting the UK
  • To promote the community and to raise money for LGBT charities