Diva Destinations is changing... for the better!

Diva Destinations has re-launched this month; and they have a new name and new website. Rest assured however, they offer the same personal service they have built their reputation upon over the last 3 years.

Introducing.... Focus Diva

Due to their continued success, Diva Destinations is moving forward and developing as a company. In doing so they have merged with Focus Travel, to re-brand as Focus Diva. This enables them to combine specialities and strengths and opens up more holiday opportunities for the entire LGBT Community. The same personal service which they pride themselves on is still the driving ethos of the new company. 

Diva Destinations has always provided high quality holidays, which are ATOL protected for lesbian women in the UK.

Diva Destinations have been responsible for many holidays linked to Ultimate Planet. In 2013 founder Jen helped Katie and Naomi to book their complex roadtrip across the West Coast of America, including a stop off to The Dinah in Palm Springs. This led to collaborations around helping other women to go to The Dinah.

Here at Planet HQ we are excited to hear about future phans for Focus Diva; as they expand to include other areas of the LGBT community. It is also just great to see a community organisation growing.

The first lesbian cruise on offer is just announced for October 2016 around Barcelona, Italy and France; and it looks amazing!

The world's first dedicated transgender cruiseFor the trans community Focus Diva have launched a fully hosted transgender river cruise where they have chartered the whole ship to ensure a safe and pleasant cruise where everyone can be themselves without judgement or fear; and surround by other people who have been or are going through similar journies. This is the first exclusive transgender cruise in the world.

Focus Diva also have a designated Solo Travellers area where they work with other LGBT travel partners bringing a great range of holidays for those holidaying alone. Not forgetting of course they are still the UK agents for the Lesvos International Women's Festival, the longest running lesbian event in Europe.  

There is a lot more to come... but there is no question that Focus Diva will be great LGBT Travel Company.