New Femme dating website: Find Femmes launches

Wives Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon, the popular vlogger personalities of the YouTube channel “What Wegan Did Next,” announced the launch of FIND FEMMES, their niche dating website aimed at finding friendship and love for feminine lesbians, also known as “femmes” or “lipstick lesbians.”

FIND FEMMES, the first dating website of its kind, acknowledges that it can be hard to find friendship love, and a community for femme lesbians and bisexual women. The site aims to provide that community for LGBTQ women; whether users identify as a femmes themselves looking for other femmes, or simply just introduce women of any identity to femmes. FIND FEMMES promises to be a place where users can finally meet, seek and be found.

The dating service website serves the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Ireland and soon to be in New Zealand.

FIND FEMMES is founded by the blogging and YouTube vlogging couple Whitney and Megan, better known as “Wegan.” A happily married femme couple, they managed to find love online and conquered long distance between the UK and Hawaii. They now reside in the UK as wife and wife.

We know first-hand how hard it is to find love, especially when you’re a femme lesbian. It's hard to get recognised, and believed, as being gay,” said Megan Evans. “We suffer from Femme Invisibility and the heteronormativity. Gaydar lets us down and everyone assumes that you’re straight, or even worse for us, they think we’re sisters!

The lack of feminine lesbians out in the celebrity world is one of the reasons that led to Bacon and Evans putting their lives online, from documenting their long distance journey, to getting engaged and vacationing around the world. In doing so, they've managed to attract a fan-base reach of over 100,000, and have been featured in magazines both in the United Kingdom and United States.

We put our lives out there as a couple to fill the gap of lesbian role models and to show that you can be feminine and a lesbian. We get a lot of questions from our followers asking how can they meet a femme? We never had an answer, until now,” said Whitney Bacon. “We hope that we can help femmes find one-another, whether that's for friendship or love, and that femme visibility will rise.”

To register on FIND FEMMES, or find out more visit Twitter: @findfemmes or Facebook: Find Femmes