Nominations are open in the British LGBT Awards

The British LGBT Awards have opened for nominations once again. Following feedback from the community last year, a new category has been included, Outstanding Contribution to LGBT+ Life, which aims to highlight and support hard-working indvidiuals within the community.

Here at Planet Nation we're keen to see more women nominating, voting and also appearing in the shortlists for these awards. Women's visibility is at the heart of what we do. There are hundreds of talented women in our community - step forward and support each other!

There are 10 public categories open for voting, and the organisers are looking forward to receiving lots of nominations from various LGBT people across all categories.

LGBT+ Celebrity Rising Star

We are looking for an LGBT+ celebrity who has used their status to become a significant role model to other LGBT+ people. The individual will be 'one to watch'.

Celebrity Straight Ally

We are looking for a celebrity who has used their fame to impact LGBT+ lives, and ho has demonstrated support for the LGBT+ community in some way or is a strong role model for LGBT+ people. This important award recognises and thanks those outside the LGBT+ community who support equality and inclusion.

LGBT+ Celebrity

We are looking for an LGBT+ celebrity who has proven to be a positive role model for others, who has come out in the face of adversity or who supports the LGBT+ community in a positive way.

Music Artist

We are looking for music artists with a large LGBT+ following, who has spoken out on and shown support on LGBT+ issues.

LGBT+ Broadcaster/Journalist

We are looking for an LGBT+ individual who has made an outstanding contribution to delivering subject matter, news or content. The nominee will have an influence on public views of the LGBT+ community through media such as online, television or publishing.

Media Moment

We are looking for an act of significance for the LGBT+ community which has taken place in the media, from factual events witnessed on the news or in print, to fictional events which have taken place on stage, film, TV or radio.

Charity or Community Initiative

We are looking for a charity or community initiative that has changed or continues to change the lives of LGBT+ people. The organisation’s campaigns will have had a strong focus on the needs of LGBT+ people or raise awareness to wider society.

Outstanding Contribution to LGBT+ Life (new for 2017)

We are looking for a LGBT+ influencer, activist or campaigner who works tirelessly to affect LGBT+ lives or society’s perception of the LGBT+ community in a positive way. An individual who has made a significant impact, either on a grass roots level or as part of a larger organisation.

Brand & Marketing Campaign

We are looking for a brand that works tirelessly and succesfully to promote themselves within the LGBT+ community in Britain. Nominations should be made based on brands that have promoted to or are popular with the LGBT+ demographic.


We are looking for the most popular travel destination for LGBT+ people. Nominations should include hotspots that welcome the British LGBT+ public and are known to be gay-friendly - destinations where the LGBT+ community can feel safe from persecution when visiting.

In particular this year, the British LGBT Awards are hoping that more cis and trans LBQ women will participate in the awards. Last year following a particularly low turn out, the organisers teamed up with a number of senior out women and circulated a survey to find out more about this invisible demographic within the LGBT community. You cand find out more about this not-for-profit venture called LB Women here.

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About the British LGBT Awards

The British LGBT Awards has been recognising LGBT+ achievement and inclusion for half a decade, borne of the want to promote greater acceptance and reward those who have demonstrated a commitment to equality, opportunity and fair treatment for all.

The British LGBT Awards represent a growing base of 21,000 LGBT+ voters and currently has the largest media reach of any LGBT+ awards event in Europe, helping to increase awareness of LGBT+ issues and encourage greater acceptance.

To reflect the great achievement of recognition afforded through nominations, each category will feature a ‘Top 10’ of the nominees who have received the highest number of legitimate entries making each Top 10 a winner in their own right.

The Top 10s will go to public vote for an overall single winner for each category on 18 February 2017 and will be announced at the ceremony on 12 May 2017.

This year Natwest have taken on sponsorship of the awards:

“The British LGBT Awards are now ranked amongst the most important annual celebrations of diversity and inclusion in the UK and we’re proud to be headline sponsoring them again for the fifth year running.

Fundamentally, they acknowledge and reward those who deserve recognition for their outstanding commitment to the LGBT community.

However, these awards are not just about celebrating the nominees and winners; they’re about creating a cultural shift towards acknowledging the benefit of inclusion and Natwest want to be a part of that. Nominations ahead of next year’s award ceremony are now open and we’re encouraging as many people as possible to get involved.”