Stop Online Abuse: Know your rights: report, complain, campaign

The explosion of social media and interactive websites is a fantastic way for LBQT women to connect with each other, and share information, opinions and ideas. But sometimes these online interactions become abusive and harmful, both within and outside our community. Evidence suggests that over one million people in the UK face online abuse each year.  Whilst online abuse can affect anyone, women and LGBT people often experience abuse as a result of their sex, gender identity or sexual orientation. At Galop ( we think that the same protection from harassment and abuse we have in the real world should exist in the online world too.

If you need help, support advice or just want to know more about your rights online, check You can find out about:

  • online harassment
  • domestic abuse
  • revenge porn
  • stalking
  • hate speech
  • sexual harassment
  • outing and blackmail
  • advice about the law
  • sources of support
  • speaking up against online abuse.

Stop Online Abuse website screenshot

The site is run by Galop (, London’s LGBT anti-violence charity, in partnership with Rape Crisis South London, Allsorts Youth Project, GIRES, LGBT Consortium, Rights of Women, Trans Media Watch, the Women’s Resource Centre and commissioned by the Government Equalities Office.