Nikki & Nora Season 2 Fundraiser


New Orleans & our fans are calling to bring Nikki & Nora back! We hear loud and clear. Sowe are asking for support to help us bring this awesome crime fighting couple back.

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Season 2 of Nikki & Nora

New Orleans and our fans are calling us to bring Nikki & Nora back! The producers, and Liz and Christina hear loud and clear. So once again we are asking for your support to help us bring this awesome crime fighting couple back to your little screen (the web).

Bigger and Better Season 2

  • In Season 2 Nikki and Nora have a brush with the dark side of the New Orleans art scene when they expose a high-end forgery ring. Artists, Pirates, Tiki-bums and Nikki & Nora’s quest for privacy all collide in Season 2.
  • This season will be a tantalizing romp for our sexy crime fighting couple, with a lighter caper style mystery vs. a homicide. The audience will get to experience more of the Crescent City through local characters and unique locations. The story promises opportunities to deliver exciting new guest stars into Nikki & Nora’s New Orleans.

We can't make this without you!

Just like Season 1 we can only make this project with your support and financial help. All of the crowdfunding money we raise goes straight to production. Our team of professional writers, actors and crew all work for a fraction of their usual rates because, as you fans have shown us in your support for Season 1, this is a labor of love. Your crowdfunding dollars pay for essentials like:

  • Flights to New Orleans and hotel rooms for out of town cast and crew
  • Meals to keep our hard working cast and crew nourished through the long hours on set
  • Location fees that allow us to show show you the vibrant New Orleans that Nikki & Nora inhabit
  • Equipment rental (lights, cameras, sound, etc)
  • Costumes and Props
  • Post production (editing, music, titles & graphics)

All or nothing!

  • In Season 1 we asked you for $50,000, and you gave us over $65K. Amazing! And every dollar you gave ended up on the screen. And we think it showed. But when all was shot and done and totaled we actually spent over $100,000, which and MyHardt Productions covered. And honestly, we simply can’t afford to do that again for Season 2.
  • We have a very specific dream and vision for Nikki & Nora season 2. It will only be made real if we hit our goal, which, as mentioned, matches the real budget costs of Season 1. Therefore, we have made the very tough decision to do an all or nothing campaign. If we aren't able to raise the funds then we can't do the season 2.

Other Ways You Can Help

We know some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help:

  • You can help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign, on your Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and fan and fanfic pages.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Follow Nikki & Nora on twitter @nikkiandnora and check out the tellofilms facebook page!