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"OUT" is a quirky coming-of-age series about a teenage lesbian and her efforts to create a safe space for her fellow LGBT students.

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My name is Emmalie and I've been writing 'OUT' for nearly 7 years now. I grew up in Colorado, USA. I spent my teenage years there, and things were very different. I was lucky to have had an after school club called 'GSA' (Gay Straight Alliance), where I could go and be myself and have fun. Unfortunately my home life wasn't as great. The GSA club really allowed me to be who I was and was the only place I could really feel comfortable and safe. 

When moving to England, the school I attended didn't have that safe space. There was nowhere for LGBT students to go and be themselves. This is where 'OUT' originated.

I want to create a place where people can come and be themselves. Through this web series they will find characters and issues that they can relate to, which will hopefully bring watchers closer to one another and might even bring the help and support they need.