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DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS is a web drama series featuring a group of lesbian and bisexual women whose lives and loves revolve around children, marriage, betrayal and divorce.

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Television has been found guilty of murder in the first degree.

But it’s never been charged. 

The victims have one thing in common. 

They are all lesbians.  Television is literally getting away with murder. 

DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS is here to save the fate of fictional lesbians.

DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS is a web drama series but you can rest assured that no lesbian will be killed or harmed during it’s making. Not unless one of them dies from too much love, lust and laughter. 

DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS is a web drama series featuring a group of lesbian and bisexual women whose lives and loves revolve around children, marriage, betrayal and divorce. That is not to say that there isn’t room for drink, drugs, sex and dancing. There is. Just not in front of their wives and children. Set in Chiswick, these women are the real lesbian housewives of West London!

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Why the web?

Because it will be seen

British mainstream broadcasters have very few slots for drama. A lesbian drama makes an appearance, on average, every five years or so. We bask in the reflected glory of The L Word, Lip Service, Sugar Rush and Sarah Waters’ adaptations. But the most recent, the seminal Lip Service, was last seen on our screens in 2012.

Because it will be immediate

The development/production process won’t be as long or as tortured as mainstream broadcasting. It takes an average of 4 years from commission to transmission. We want to be able to reduce that process to under a year.

Because it gives us the freedom to cast who we want

We will cast from the most talented lesbian, gay, bi and trans actresses and actors out there. There are many lesbians who have not been able to play on-screen lesbians. Usually lesbians have been played by straight women and whilst there have been some brilliant performances, we want to redress this imbalance.

Because we can be diverse

We want to be cast and crew a more diverse range of talented people from the BAME community.

Because it will allow us to crew from our community

As much as possible the crew will represent the gamut of sexuality and gender in our creative community.

Because it is our home

The web is where lesbian and bi dramas for lesbian and bi audiences are beginning to thrive and turn to the web to find drama that speaks to our experiences. Lesbian audiences are especially loyal and seek out their stories, especially when these stories feature their favourite lesbian and bi icons.


We need to raise £50,000.  All of which will go towards pre-production, the shoot and post-production. The end result will be a ground-breaking 12 part series with high production values. 

If we don’t reach our entire goal, we will produce as many episodes as possible. This story has to be told. 

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