Last Friday Night

Where were you on Friday night?

If you weren't in Camden then you missed out on the launch of a very special LBQ night - Down Girls NW1.

Planet London has been working with event organisers now for nearly 3 years. We have been helping in a variety of ways from just listing events, to running promotional campaigns, to providing consultancy services and training on how to promote an event to the LBQ community. Since we launched in 2011 the number of events available in London has increased significantly. Whilst there are still some gaps (more nights for the 30+ market are definitely required) the scene is definitely on the up. The best thing is it isn't all about quantity. We are also seeing more being added to nights. Club nights such as Bridge Girls LateBoi BoxWotever and DownGirls are offering entertainment so the price of entry really does go a long way.

We are empowering venues and events to thank their loyal customers through a loyalty card on our My Pocket Planet app (available on Android and iOS). With 5 loyalty cards already available and more to follow, these are proving popular with savvy LBQ women on the scene!

We are also going to be marching at Pride in London this year. We invite you to join us. The more the merrier! We are looking to create the largest ever women-led walking group. This is our opportunity to show that LBQ women are in London. Stand up and be counted; come out of the shadows. We invite every daughter, mother, sister, child, and their dog - this is open to LBQ women and their allies. Men are invited as guests if they support the cause.

So what is there in the future for the LBQ scene?

Well from the dynamic duo Effi Mai and Sandra D, a second bar is opening in Stoke Newington - they're taking over Stokey Stop and turning it into a women's bar. Whilst Stoke Newington isn't necessarily accessible to all, and isn't everyone's cup of tea, it does offer the diversity and options for the North and East London lesbian. With 5 lesbian focussed venues in London, we are in the best position we have ever been; and there are clearly enough of us to keep them all open! Each venue offers its own niche which allows for the diverse nature of our community to find a home, a safe haven to spend their nights.

We haven't finished yet, this is just the beginning. We plan to continue supporting LBQ events and businesses, we won't stop anytime soon. Bigger, better, and stronger in numbers. The only way is up! If you are thinking about running an event, get in touch and find out about the various resources available. If you already run a night and want to upgrade it, or need some support on promotion we can also help.