NO.NO Fest :(

We are disappointed today to hear the GO.GO Fest 2012 has had to be cancelled.

Despite a long run at promotion, offers and a fantastic line up that included acts such as Uh Huh Her, Betty and Jill Jackson, and a much more accessible venue for Londoners, it appears that not enough women were drawn to the festival billed as a non stop 72 hour party for women.

GO.GO have commented via email and on their website that

"2012 has proved to be a very challenging year, and due to this we do not feel we would be able to deliver a festival to the standard that our artists and audience deserve. We have fought very hard to keep GO.GO Festival in the 2012 calendar and have tried everything imaginable to find a solution to make the festival go ahead, but this has proven to be an impossible task."

Ticket prices will be refunded, however it is unclear whether this includes the booking fee or how to retrieve glamping ticket fees.

The news shortly followed the announcement of cancellation by LadyRock a manchester festival also aimed at Lesbians and Bi women and the news in late April that Pride House would also not be taking place during the Summer Olympics following financial difficulties in getting funding and sponsorship together.

So why did lesbians decide not to go this event? Feedback in our recent survey ( suggests there is a demand and interest for this kind of festival, and that women are prepared to travel and spend money for good value. Perhaps just a sign of the current economic situation in the UK, which will hopefully improve and see the return of Go.Go, Ladyrock and other festivals in 2013.

We've been assured that LFest will be going ahead, and we're also hoping that World Pride will also survive this tough year.

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