Boi Box @ Candy Bar - the Launch

Boxing Clever

Oh Boi, what a good time we had at the launch of Adam All's BoiBox a new monthly event at the Candy Bar.

With Adam and guest host Lara A (drag)King at the helm of the evening we were treated to a mix of experienced, up and coming, and open mic performances.

Adam started the ball rolling with his unique, dry witted opening number. In between acts, floor-filling 80s beats provide the comfortable interlude, along with the opportunity to purchase a 'tash and tie' for £1.

Kicking off the performances were Tyler and Jack, a very urban pair of Kings indeed, packed full of cheek and lust for the ladies.

Next up was Rogue, the International Drag King Debonair from Spain who brought a continental, intense experience and three different guises for three songs, from Matador to 80s rock legend. The 80s rock legend in particular provided the kind of gender bending realism to the act of Dragging. 

Also performing were Lara A King, Louis Cyfer (winner of the last open mic session from Boi Box's previous incarnation) and the open micers for those brave enough to take to the stage.

Open mic performances are very much encouraged, but they must be in drag. No worries if you didn't come prepared, as well as being able to purchase a tash and tie, there is a handy dressing up box available for all to use to create the perfect drag king persona. And there's a whole karaoke book of tracks to choose from, too. For those who can't sing you can mime to a backing track and perform instead - this night truly does offer something for everyone.

It was the most mixed crowd I have ever seen at Candy Bar, and a balanced mix of bois, Kings and boi lovers. It's a very welcoming, comfortable atmosphere with Adam and his girlfriend Apple mingling to make sure everyone is having a good time. Added to a great mix of acts, it honestly felt like no other event currently taking place - raw and live and just good fun with no airs of pretension.

And as an example of how Boi Box encourages new talent, Tyler and Jack who performed first, are a new duo who got together after having a go at performing at Boi's Night Out - Boi Box could breed a whole new generation of Drag Kings, offering a stage and a fun atmosphere to allow anyone to try their hand at performing, singing, dancing or just thrusting your box at the crowd!