Bridging the Gap with Bridge Girls

Bridge Girls is no longer being run at The Bridge.

Venue: The Bridge, Clapham
When: Thursdays, weekly
Entry: Free 

A new weekly night has popped up on the scene, aiming to bridge the gap so to speak!

Ok, so enough of the puns, and onto the juicy gossip. Just what is Bridge Girls and who goes?

Thursdays may never be the same again for the lesbians & bi women of South London with the introduction of this new night, hosted by The Bridge in Clapham (pretty much underneath Clapham High Street Overground station). The night is hosted by G4P and supported by Gay Lawyers and Diva Magazine.

The night features DJ Lucy Stone (aka BamBoTang) on the decks and an amazing drinks list including £5 cocktails!

Other examples of pretty remarkable drinks prices for london:

  • £3 Pints of Carlsberg
  • £3 House Spirit & Mixer
  • £5.50 Doubles & Mixer
  • £5 'Femmetails'
  • £3 Shots - Tequila & Sambuca 
  • Jagerbombs - £10 for 3

Bridge Bar in Clapham is a nice bar with a mixture of comfy sofas, a couple of booths and some high chairs and tables – perfect for watching the crowd! An outdoor space with heaters means that this space is very flexible. The venue also boasts unisex toilets.

The crowd was not one that I’ve seen out in Soho recently; a varied mixture of professional mature lesbians alongside fans of DJ Lucy Stone’s sets.

If you love a good cocktail, I recommend you ask for Ellie. She works at The Bridge every Thursday, and she certainly knows how to shake up a good Cosmopolitan!

It is good to see a new night popping up in a new part of town. I’m actually quite surprised it has taken this long for Clapham to get its very own women's night given the number of gays in the village! 

Even for those in South East London, the night is accessible due to the overground link up. I got the train to Queens Road Peckham where my night bus sweeps past; and so it was easy to get home – although I only just made the last train!!