Chvrches at Chick Habit

If you’re an appreciator of great music, Chick Habit is a must. Every Thursday, Chick Habit leads a night of indie/alternative tracks with fortnightly live acts that just keep getting better and better; over the last year we’ve been treated to incredible sets from JD Samson, Betty, Haim; and last Thursday was certainly no exception! Chvrches esteemed Lauren Mayberry took to the decks for a DJ set, only the night after their much awaited album launch and in the same week as an appearance on Jools Holland.

The night began with Chick Habit's own DJs warming up the crowd ready for Lauren’s guest appearance. Fans were not disappointed. She played over an hours worth of quality music, seamlessly mixed featuring Azelia Banks, Tegan & Sara, La Roux and even surprised us with a few more unpredictable choices such as Katy Perry and Chvrches’ own remix of Ms Mr’s Hurricane, creating an electric atmosphere over at Candy Bar.

It was plain to see there were some serious Chvrches (and indeed Lauren) fans in the crowd, as she was repeatedly asked to come down from the decks to chat and shyly pose for photos. This only served to enhance the mood of the evening, as who doesn’t love it when you’re hero turns out to be lovely?

If you’re reading this wondering who Chvrches are, they’re a rapidly rising band hailing from Glasgow. Often dubbed ‘synth pop’, their sound is catchy vocal hooks over textured synths and precise, upbeat drums. The trio, consisting of Lauren Mayberry on lead vocals, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty has been described as the meeting point between indie pop and the Glaswegian dance scene while their excellent reputation is spreading quickly. They were featured two days prior to Lauren’s Chick Habit appearance live on Jools Holland, so those of us lucky enough to be in the know about the event, were treated to an intimate show, at a particularly high point in her career. Something I doubt we will have the opportunity to do again anytime soon!

One thing Chick Habit is excellent at is showcasing artists at the cusp of huge success, so if you want to bear witness to another event of this nature, and get to see huge acts in a small setting, Thursday night at Candy Bar Soho is the night for you.