FMAS12 – Queers on Film Gala Party

In celebration of all things non traditional, non heteronormative, non linear and un-expected, we get excitedly ready for the FMAS12 – Queers on Film Gala Party.

It promises a night filled with beats, alcohol and ladies, ladies, ladies. A tribute to female masculinity and the breaking of gender norms.

It's hard to define masculinity, it's so subjective. I can only describe my own experience of it.

AnnaHurFMASAs I highlight my eyebrows, slick my hair back and don a classic shirt, it becomes clear to me how comfortable it is, being masculine.

My trousers have pockets for the two things I'll need that night, wallet and phone, so I can use both hands and not worry about any purses. I don't wear a bra and it is such a relief I almost cry.

But the greatest thing becomes apparent as I take one last look into the mirror before heading out. It's the freedom of being confident in spite of all the angles of your face, the lack of a six pack or the right shade of lipstick. It the complete absence of cutification.

Being masculine, I discovered, means not giving a damn. It's taking an Uber ride to arrive in style. It's walking in like you own the place. Especially if you have a girl on your arm.

The driver notices my masculinity too. While my friend rushes words to answer and giggles nervously, my answers are slow and monosylabic. To my surprise, he asks for my opinion instead of the usual questions. I spread out on the seat, movements even slower, getting even more comfortable.

But you're here to read about the party.

AnnaHurIt's filled with gorgeous, beautiful women. Some with girlfriends, others without. The ones without scan the room for potential partners, drink in hand, letting the music move them. Some of the ones with girlfriends scan the room too, catch someone's eye and quickly look away. Do they wish to be naughty, I wonder?

There's a show on stage, Adam All and Apple Derrieres delight the crowd, an arm wrestling competition and a photo booth with a queue – a perfect opportunity to meet someone.

After the professionals show us their take on masculinity, us the plebeans take the stage and dance. Some are sizzling hot, showing their prowess. If you were there, don't tell me you didn't swoon a bit. I know you did.

Fantastic night. Highly recommended.

P.S. The drinks were cheap. I know, because I had 5. 

Photo courtesy of (c) Derren Evans and Wotever World