Game, set & roast - board games & roast dinner @ Bar Titania

Dining Ds Roast Dinner @ Bar Titania with Board Games from Planet London (Sunday 16 Feb)

A semi-regular venture of Brighton’s Dining D’s membership group to London selected new women’s venue Bar Titania for their most recent event. With Sunday roasts on offer, who wouldn’t?

Twenty women most of whom hadn't met previously were welcomed with cocktails by lovely host Jane, who seemlessly ensured conversation and mingling began straight away.

After placing our order for the roast meat (or veggie) option of our choice - from the lamb, beef, chicken or veggie roast burger on offer - we were guided upstairs where laid out tables and a massive stack of boardgames awaited.

Spread over two tables, the conversation flowed along with the cocktails and everyone had the opportunity to make new friends.

Shortly after the massive plates stuffed full of meat(/veggie option) yorkshires, roast potatoes and fresh veg arrived. Silencing the guests for a short duration while we all got stuck in.

Most of us were stuffed but a couple partook in the delightful crepes for dessert while everyone else tackled the board games. Gayopoly was a popular choice, along with the Pool table, cards and table top jenga made the biggest splash of all.