Laughing Cows London - seriously funny

Venue: Retro Bar
When: First Thursday of the Month
Tickets: £8/£6
More info:

"Oh What a Saga" 

Performers on Thursday 5 December: MC: Maureen Younger, Wendy Wason, Joanne Lau, India Macleod, Jen Brister (headline)

Upstairs at Retro, with a dedicated bar, and fold out seats, Maureen welcomes the audience and is the most gracious host, as well as a cuttingly observant MC. From the Saga crew, to the Hounslow crew, no one was safe from this wit. Maureen also took us on a journey of new jokes, innuendo and Europe, during the introductions.

Laughing Cows was established to raise the profile and give a platform to female comedians who all to often have challenges in getting gigs on the main comedy circuit solely because of their gender. Comedy is still a boys club and we need nights like these to show the world female comedians are just as good as their male counterparts with the added bonus of no misogyny. 

As a result the audience is mostly female as well (but not all) and a very diverse audience it was, straight, gay, old, young and all that's in between. 

Wendy Wason opened the night with an "overshare" style set of hilarious down to earth tales of her life, family and friends. Pushing the envelope of appropriateness with a feminist slant. 

"Scientist" Joanne Lau followed with her take on being a Chinese Canadian white person baby fearer in London rush hour. She put the pacifier right on the baby's shoulder.

India Mcleod deconstucted love and relationships through the comedic lens of her own.

Headliner Jen Brister took the stage last, under the instruction from Maureen to stick to the "bankers" and away from new material... clearly this had not been Brister's game plan. However she rose to the challenge, in part, mixing both, in an on-form rummage through her typically sardonic lesbian-orientated pieces, whilst coming across suitably spontaneous.  It's in our favour that she did not end up in her first career choice as hippy handmade leather bracelet seller, and instead brings dark humour with accompanying facial expressions and to-be-applauded unashamedly gay content.

This event is well paced, with a substantial line up and just the right amount of bar breaks, during which Maureen chats and mingles with the audience and checks on the vibe of the evening. Laughing Cows London is an excellent example of what happens when we give a platform to women comedians: laughter from angles not normally uncovered in stand up comedy.

Maureen also fundraises for the Helen Bamber foundation on the night and to date has raised over £15,000.