Lighting up LBQ Life

Last month I happened to stumble upon Silvia who got in touch about a pub in North London that was looking to start providing a social space for LBQ women. I was intrigued; not least because a physical space outside of Central London has been pretty extinct for some time now, and whilst it is great to have venues in the heart of Soho; this isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

So I arranged to meet Silvia at The Old Crown in Highgate to find out more. Prepare to be excited!

So firstly I found out that you really need to go via Archway station; as it is closer than Highgate (and without the 2 steep hills!). It is just a short walk (or you can hop on a bus if you don’t like walking up hill) up to the pub, which sits on the corner.

The Old Crown is a gorgeous old inn; with an array of features that will make you drool.

A pool table in the back room for those of you who like to show off your stick skills. A kitchen for a delicious meal with friends. A beer garden for those hot Summer days when you want to socialise without being stuck inside (Summer is coming soon I promise!). A car park for those who prefer to drive. Rooms upstairs so if you are coming a fair distance, you can stay over at a very reasonable rate to make the most of the night.

Of course I was delighted and excited. Silvia arranged her first event – a traffic light party; and invited along a number of

Meet Up groups. About a week before the event a call out was made for additional bar staff to support the 100 women who had registered to attend the event. I decided to brush off my bar tending cob webs and to rise to the challenge!

Naomi behind the bar at The Old CrownNow it has been 10 years since I was last behind the bar, serving drinks in The Chocolate Lounge/Southopia/The Glass Bar – but it seems you don’t forget these things. In fact, what I had forgotten was how much I loved working behind a bar! It was crazy busy, and I didn’t stop all night – but it was just so nice to be able to talk to so many women so easily, to see the enjoyment.

The event went on way past the official end time because the women were having so much fun.

The Old Crown loyalty discount with My Pocket Planet

The Old Crown really made an effort to make sure that the women got home safely; offering a cab share arrangement with a local taxi company to help women who lived in South London to get home after the last tube if they wanted to stay and party past midnight. It is these little touches that make me warm inside, and really excited to be able to share this gem.

We’re also excited to let you know that The Old Crown has signed up as a loyalty customer with the My Pocket Planet app; so you can get rewarded for supporting this venue. Buy a drink and get a stamp (just like in Costa Coffee), and when you fill the card the next one is on them!

Find out more about the My Pocket Planet app and the digital loyalth card here.


Open Mic at the Old Crown

The next event

Following the success of this first night, Silvia has arranged an Open Mic event on Friday 18 March. You can get advance tickets here, and monies from the door go towards paying the acts so by attending this event you will be supporting LBQ artists; supporting an LGBT friendly venue and also earning a tonne of free karma.

Remember – use it or lose it!