Lounge - the rebirth

Venue: Voltaire
Tickets: £5 in advance (if you could get one as it sold out prior to the event)

Following a 12 month break, Lounge has reinvented itself with the event called Rebirth, held Saturday 30th November. 

Although the glorious views over Leicester Square from the previous venue Penthouse were missed, the new venue has charms of its own [and was carefully selected by Christine to create a special atmosphere for guests]. 

Held at the Voltaire cigar bar at Blackfriars, the underground space gives Lounge the feeling of prohibition Speakeasy. The spell of virgin fruit juice was quickly broken, however, with our first expertly poured shooter. Two shots and two beers came to £28 which also reminded us that prices from the 1920s were a thing of the past.

Attendees were bombarded in the previous week with reminders that the event was sold out and no tickets would be sold on the door. Although I'm sure this is soberly rooted in important health and safety fire codes, the net effect was too much empty space till 10:30 or 11pm. We wondered if there was a way to better accommodate the predictable demographic of older gals attending from 9 till 12 and younger hotties from 11:30 to the close? It's such a shame to turn women away.

DJ Jane and the awesome DJs of the evening read the crowd well and kept people moving most of the night. The dance floor was captured circulation space which brought pros and cons. It was difficult to maneuver around the room but easy to stay in the party vibe.

Overall, what's not to love about Lounge? It's a great cross - section of our community. Thank you to all the organisers and I'm looking forward to the next one.