Loving a bit of Pink Thursdays

Pink Thursdays is one of those groups that started as a small local social. The original location (East Dulwich) always meant that it was mainly attended by those who were a short distance away.

I attended in the early days when I lived in New Cross (somehow that is now 4 years ago?!). I have to admit to have not being recently; as we moved a bit further South and it wasn’t so easy to get to.

Fast forward to 2016 and Pink Thursdays has had a bit of a makeover. It is still promoted via a closed, private group making it feel a little bit special to know it is on; and it has moved to the increasingly trendy Brixton which makes it extremely easy for everyone to get to – even me in South East London if I travel home via Beckenham Junction.

I arrived at Ekcovision on Atlantic Road (under the arches between Brixton rail and Brixton tube) just after 8pm and was greeted by a room of friendly, smiling and chatty women who were all enjoying the music being provided by co-host Daphnea. I was greeted on arrival by co-host Teresa and introduced to a few of the women who I didn’t already know.

This is definitely one of the things that I remembered and liked about Pink Thursdays and was extremely happy to see it continue. I met friends old and new, including a few fellow Lewisham residents and thoroughly enjoyed sampling the delightful cocktails on offer – not a Mojito or Cosmo in sight as Ekcovision only serves their very own curated delights.

Pink Thursday cocktails

During the evening, I caught up with Daphnea who updated me on plans for Pink Thursdays for 2016 and beyond. Whilst I'm not to divulge any secrets and ruin the surprise, I am extremely excited and I'm sure you will be too when further news comes out. Already for 2016 PinkGigs has popped up on Twitter - expanding the brand out from the intimate Facebook group into the wider world. This is the start of great plans!

chipsI hadn’t planned on a late night out, however some how time just flew by and before I knew it, I realised it was 11.14pm and I had just 10 minutes to say goodbye if I was to make the last train home. In fact, Pink Thursdays is responsible for my first post midnight chip run of 2016!!

I will definitely be swinging by Pink Thursdays again and encourage you to do the same!