Planets and Stars - when we met Tracy Ryerson and Stamie K of 'The Real L Word'

The Candy Bar, a sunny Autumn Saturday afternoon, Planet London sits down with former reality stars Tracy Ryerson and Stamie Karakasidis.

We had the privilege of a lengthy chat with the lovely women, over from LA to meet fans at an event organised by Lionhead Events. 

Tracy and Stamie were very generous with the fans, and held an hour and a half long Q&A as well as holding a photo studio and signing photos and items for each guest individually. 

Real L WordThe Q&A was an open forum and fans had the chance to ask whatever was on their mind, discussions ranged from Hilary Clinton as the first female US President to the perils of starting a relationship on reality TV. Tracy and Stamie bantered away with each other and the fans, and proved funny, articulate and kind.

Ryerson and Stamie established a blog site that allows them to continue the dialogue with all the fans and people they've met travelling all over the world.