Pride in London Parade - A Planeteer Perspective

I was hung over, it was raining, and I woke up in a bed that was not my own at 9.30am on Saturday 28 June, this was shaping up to be a standard Saturday and even more standard Pride. I was still hanging from the previous Downgirls night (do check it out on Facebook if you haven’t already) and made the journey into central to march with Planet London and managed to not be sick on public transport. 

Whilst this was not the first time I had been a part of the parade it was the first time I had been a part of a walking group and it was the first time I had been attending alone. Despite being an event organiser and promoter this does not stop the real me and my real alter ego who I won’t name (she will punch me) from getting shy. 

What I loved about the pride march was the organisation, if someone as hung over, and to be frank stupid could find this group out of a sea of people Planet London must have done something right. The minute I found the group I instantly felt at home and welcome and saw a lot of faces I recognised. I donned my Planet London t-shirt and felt instantly at home and one of the crew. 

Naomi and Katie made sure everyone was involved and made sure the more shy and timid of the group were never alone. As well as the placards, stickers, t shirts and branded umbrellas from Planet London, the big spectacle really was the tricycle, which featured its very own sound system. This made me literally LOL and at various points made me shout to the crowd “I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride it NOW!”.

I still am upset I did not get to ride the tricycle, for some bizarre reason I found it rather sexy… maybe it was the way it looked and was decorated… maybe it was the fabulous and fierce women surrounding it… or maybe it was because I needed to rest my hungover arse and it was the only available seat… we will never know!

Despite my hangover and the fact I had my arm in a sling (don’t even ask), I managed to dance whilst holding a placard and was buzzing the full duration of the march…. For those who take hangovers as seriously as I do, I promise you this is a hangover cure like no other! Who needs the gym?! 

Bravely, Naomi and Katie allowed myself and Immanni Love to take control of the microphone and I felt both proud and liberated to talk to the strong crowd that braved the rain… I even managed to use the term #mingetwinge.. at least a dozen times ;)

So if you want to have a Pride that actually makes you feel proud rather than drunk and disorientated (you still have plenty of time to do this after the march) and you want to march for a group who support the LBQ community unlike others who just want to take your money, lie to you and that will not help you in the slightest (I mention no names and I tell you no lies), I urge you to march with Planet London next year. I will be back and this time I want to ride my own tricycle and see if we can’t get some tricycle tricks going!!! 

Thanks for the #mingetwinge ladies… until next year.

By Missy Downgirl