Tease me, tease me, baby...

Event: Cream Tease
Venue: The Courtroom, Browns Covent Garden 
Tickets: £21.25 incl donation to Pride 
Date: Sunday 15 June, 2.30pm

The room was laid out with 3 large tables of glassware and silver with neatly folded napkins, something you might normally find in Downtown Abbey rather than a lesbian event. As I have come to expect, Elaine was on hand to give a warm welcome and friendly greeting to all of us and make us feel at home. 

Cream Tease is one of Elaine and The Glass Bar’s new events – she has decided to take The Glass Bar beyond the clubs, instead looking for more social, interactive and friendly events with smaller numbers, where getting wasted isn't the sole goal of the night, in order to make the events more intimate. 

Cream Tease is an a afternoon tea and burlesque show. Beginning at 2.30pm and ending by 6.30pm, it is ideal for those who want an afternoon of lesbian delight, good company and tasty food. 

Elaine acted as host as well, and gave a run down of what we were to expect. Burlesque dancing, erotic poetry, a speech from me (it was also a ProudPlanet event promoting visibility and participation of women at Pride) and of course the food!

Cream Tea at Cream TeaseThe ticket price included the sandwiches and selection of cakes and unlimited tea and coffee, but you could also pop downstairs and get an alcoholic drink for those who preferred this. 

The food came out and it was lovely, finger sandwiches of smoked salmon; egg mayonnaise and cucumber as you would expect from a traditional cream tea. Following this you could tuck into the gorgeous tiered plate of cakes on offer. There was warm homemade fruit scones with jam and clotted cream, as well as caramel cake and lemon drizzle cake. The portions were very generous and our table struggled to finish it all!

The entertainment was nicely spaced out and took place informally at the front of the room. Everyone was attentive and quiet (a welcome change no doubt partly influenced by the time of day and subsequent reduced alcohol levels to start!)

Amber Topaz at Cream TeaseTo start we had Amber Topaz, a lovely Burlesque dancer from Yorkshire. Her repertoire included some interesting variances on known songs, including ‘Beaver’ (to the tune of Fever).

Amber Topaz ended her last set with an impressive single breasted nipple tassle swing and was called in for an encore by the audience.

Immani Love at Cream TeaseThe other entertainment was Immani Love, an erotic poet from Florida, USA who is currently touring the UK on her #rainbowtour. She immersed the audience into pleasure with a combination of words and actions (sitting on one lucky lady’s lap whilst she read to her).  For me, this is exactly the type of event I think the scene is calling out for. A room of 24 women, in a relaxed environment, with relevant performances and the chance to interact and mix properly without struggling to hold conversations over the noise; and they will remember you in the morning because they are not drunk!

My expectations are high as I look forward to seeing what other new events Elaine brings through The Glass Bar!