Wotever DIY Film Festival 2015

This was my first year at Wotever Film Festival. I am a big fan of festivals where fellow community members decide to take matters into their own hands and run a film festival! 

It started with a "best of..." selection of shorts from the first year of WDIYFF in 2012 to this year at the BFI on Thursday 20 August 2015. They had film makers and writers present at the screening. After the Q&A we all went to the BFI bar and met the super friendly organisers; Theresa, Tara and Stephanie. 


That was just the beginning of what continued to be a great weekend. Friday night was my first time at the Cinema Museum. A little confusing to find for people that might not know the area or not have a smartphone to Google map the walk there; but when you arrive, be prepared to be blown away. Such an awesome venue. Full of history and an amazing set up. I really loved the venue. A smaller, cozy screening room was downstairs and a huge space upstairs. The bar and snack shop was on the top floor where the big screenings and the stage were, and really gave it such a warm and friendly vibe. From what I understood, this is a community run space and so let's support this space by using the venue and brining it business! 

WDIYFF 2015The gala opening film was amazing!! A programmer once told me, "if you really want to make a most of a film festival, go to a film that you wouldn't normally select." This always since been my motto in the past few years. The opening gala film 'Stories of Our Lives' was one of them. I was planning to just pop by for the reception and then leave. But thought I would catch a little bit of the screening before heading out. I was honestly blown away. A series of shorts, all so touching that I still remember scenes of it... bravo to selecting the perfect film to start an amazing film festival.

WDIYFF 2015 - FMASAfter the opening film, we all headed to FMAS (Female Masculinity Appreciation Society) at the RVT. This is one of the first parties I went to when I moved to London and I loved the performances they put on. This time I was even more excited as I knew some femme friends who were going to "attempt" on dressing up masculine!! I just loved the whole dressing up and messing up with gender presentation! What a great night.

Then onto Saturday and Sunday with 2 full days of programming. You know it's a great festival where you are sad that you can't physically be in two cinemas at the same time! But why oh why can't I watch both programs downstairs and upstairs?! 

I honestly really enjoyed myself and will definitely be going back next year! Come and say hi and support these sorts of lovely community events!

Review by Petit Printemps