DJ Alpha DJ Profile

Comfortable playing both to a pop and a dance crowd, DJ Alpha loves dropping 'uplifting beats with an old skool twist'. If it's got a decent beat, it's in her set! Alpha tells us, it's not necessarily what you hear, but how a song makes you feel.

1. What was your first DJ event?

My first event was probably the most exciting and nerve wracking night of my life. I had never DJ’d before, let alone touched a set of Pioneers! I had been given a very lucky break from Legendary Promoter Dulcie Danger, who took me under her wing and shaped me into a ‘Girls on Top’ DJ. I remember I played a Hed Kandi remix of Hometown Glory and from that moment I knew my life was never going to be the same.

2. How long have you been a DJ?

I have been a DJ for 3 years.

3. How would you describe your DJ style?

It really varies on the venue, the crowd, and the style of the event. I see myself as an all rounder who works with the dancefloor to give people what they want. I love Electro with an Old Skool twist, but im just as happy playing Commercial, RnB, and Classic Funky House.

4. What nights do you currently DJ at?

I DJ every Thursday at Girls on Top @ Club Revenge, Brighton, every Friday at pre-Shameless @ Bar Revenge Brighton, and the last Friday of every month at Code @ The Green Carnation SoHo. I also do guest spots around Brighton, Kent, and London.

5. What genres of music do you play?

EVERYTHING! Commercial, Hip Hop, House, Electro, even Reggae… you name it, ive got it!

6. What is your all-time favourite track?

I cannot commit to just ONE favourite, but right now I cannot stop listening to anything remixed by Disclosure, they are off the scale! On a night out, my get up and go track has to be Whelan and Di Scala – Sunset to Sunrise. In the darkness of the dancefloor I completely loose myself to Reflekt – Need to Feel Loved. During my set, if I feel the need to let loose and shake things up a bit I turn to Kurd Maverick – Hell Yeah… I could go on, and on… lol

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Not gonna lie, I love Whitney Houston…

8. How and why did you become a DJ?

I had lived in Brighton on and off for about 5 years at the time, and was well known on the scene. Dulcie ran Revenge and was looking for a new DJ to join the Girls on Top Team. So I moved back to Brighton full time, trained with DJ Smithy, and the rest is history.

9. What has been your best DJ gig so far?

Every gig has it’s own charm… Playing to 3,500 at Brighton Pride was incredible. So was my first set @ London Pride Women’s Tent. But my most recent burst of ‘DJ Awe’ was Brighton Pride 13’ – Playing open air on the Terrace @ Revenge while the sun shone down and the sea sparkled. I played B2B with a very good DJ friend of mine Dean Barden and we absolutely smashed it!!

10. When you're not a DJ what events do you like to go to?

I like to go Festivals, or any open-air events. Brighton life is so eclectic; there is always something to do…