DJ Caz Coronel

1. What was your first DJ event?

Lick It at Candy Bar

2. How long have you been a DJ?

4 and a half years

3. How would you describe your DJ style?

Eclectic, Intuitive and Inventive

4. What nights do you currently DJ at?

Various private parties, nights at Candy Bar and Clerkenwell House, Graphic Bar, Resident at Corset and Diamonds.

5. What genres of music do you play?

Commercial, Electro swing, Electro, Tech House, World music and everything in between!

6. What is your all-time favourite track?

Halcyon - Orbital

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Too much Sushi!

8. How and why did you become a DJ?

I always wanted to be a DJ for as long as I can remember. I started teaching at the London School Of Sound but had yet to do it in a club, one day I found myself at Lick It and the DJ didn't show up so I offered to jump in, they asked me back and I became a resident, all my other gigs came from this one.

9. What has been your best DJ gig so far?

London Gay pride in 2011

10. When you're not a DJ what events do you like to go to?

Techno, Alternative, Experimental & World music gigs.