Profile: DJ Rocket

A female Trap, Hip Hop and RnB DJ. Rocket has played at Brighton Pride, Rbar Brighton and local London bars. Influenced by the great sounds of Diplo, Keys n Krates, Tropkillaz, Stooki sound and Hucci, all cleverly mixed with the likes of Ginuwine, Missy Elliot, Usher, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Drake and more’

1. What was your first DJ event?

First DJ event was at a Brighton Pride After Party 5 years ago

2. How long have you been a DJ?

Been DJing for about 5 years

3. How would you describe your DJ style?

DJ style fun, good vibes. I listen to a lot of hip hop, r&b a

4. What nights do you currently DJ at?

No DJ nights at the moment. Spent most of my last few years, studying, graduating and working on my own little thing. 

5. What genres of music do you play?


6. What is your all-time favourite track?

All-time favourite track Al green - Let's Stay Together

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure - Too many to pick one!

8. How and why did you become a DJ?

My mum's boyfriend many years ago was a DJ for an underground garage station, he showed me how to mix when I was young and then a DJ friend in Brighton reintroduced me to the DJ world and it went from there.

9. What has been your best DJ gig so far?

Best DJ gig so far has to have been the opportunity to play at Brighton Pride, 5 years or so ago, in the Girls tent. Atmosphere was incredible and the crowd was fantastic! 

10. When you're not a DJ what events do you like to go to?

I'm into lots of different music genres so I like to go to rock gigs, festivals, jazz events, rnb and hiphop nights, musical theatre shows, anything where there's a good vibe and good music