DJ Sandra D

1. What was your first DJ event?

I tried open deck nights and all sorts, but my first proper one was opening at a night called Miss-Shapes when it was on Saturdays at a venue in London's Kings Cross.

2. How long have you been a DJ?

Several years.

3. How would you describe your DJ style?

I would say chart sounds best describes what I play. If it's been in the UK chart, then I'll usually have it and play it.

4. What nights do you currently DJ at?

Ruby Tuesdays every Tuesday at Ku Bar, The Sunday Social at Candy Bar every Sunday and every other Saturday at Candy, sharing it with Lady Bex.

5. What genres of music do you play?

Pop and dance mixed with some R&B.

6. What is your all-time favourite track?

Honestly, there are so, so many favourite tracks that it's impossible to name one. Every year produces so many fine songs that this list just keeps getting longer. We Found Love by Rihanna has just been added to the likes of Robin S Show Me Love, The Killers' Mr. Brightside and Beyonce's Crazy In Love. It's a list that keeps on growing.

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

I admit to liking some British Boy Bands.

8. How and why did you become a DJ?

I was at my favourite club and turned to my mate and said "I'm gonna become a DJ and I'm going to play here." So that was my mind made up. I eventually became the headline DJ there too.

9. What has been your best DJ gig so far?

I played a festival in Finsbury Park just before Goldfrapp came on. That was pretty amazing. Also playing before The Freemasons at GoGo Festival in 2011 was pretty awesome. The crowd really made it for me because it had been raining all day but they just got into the music and we cheered each other on. By the end of my set we were all screaming.

10. When you're not a DJ what events do you like to go to?

I love the noise of clubs and bars and spend lots of my time in them. Otherwise it's going to art spaces, concerts, cinemas and markets. I love rummaging and used to go around second hand markets as a kid buying all sorts of vinyl and cds. MP3's have taken the edge out off finding gems that way, so when I search for music it's trawling the web for interesting sites where people post new mixes or unreleased tracks for me to listen to. Finding an awesome new track or an old gem is always a favourite past time.

Twitter: djsandradj