M. Cassol Author Profile

M. Cassol aka Michele was always passionate about human nature and sexuality. From struggling with her own sexual orientation to accepting that she was a lesbian, she has lived many lives as a basketball player, DJ, A&E doctor, business owner and founder of well-known skincare range. She relished and travelled all around the world, providing her with the opportunity to be exposed to her favourite subject: Women. Now, in her mid 30's, she found the maturity and creativity to dwell into writing.


1. What’s your first memory of enjoying reading?

When I was 5 or 6, I found my dad's collection of "murder-mistery magazines". Although I am sure that I shouldn't be reading this kind of things when I was so young, they awakened my imagination and passion for reading. To this day, I love a good psychological thriller story.  

2. What are you currently reading?

I am reading another book from one of my favourite authors of Lesfic, Jae. It’s called Under a Falling Star”. I believe that we should write and read a lot more lesbian fiction, we must support new writers and keep treasuring the classics of LGBT literature,  so my plan for the year is to read 25 books. Any book suggestions?

3. Which character you’ve created/written do you wish you could spend a day as?

Definitely Danny. She has been by far one of the favourite characters of the readers due to her devil-may-care attitude.  Surely a few of us would like to enjoy more freedom, on the way we dress, behave, love, but unfortunately, society still controls a few aspects of our lives. Danny is not restrained by pre-concepts and prejudice. She is the butch in all of us.

4. Which character that someone else has written do you wish you could spend a day as?

It has to be Doctor Saxon Sinclair, Chief of Trauma at St. Michael’s Hospital, on the novel "Passion's Bright Fury" by Radclyffe. She is the epitome of lesbians dreams, powerful, strong, sexy, mysterious. She also reminds me of my A&E days. A must read!

5. Have you created any characters you don’t like?

Absolutely. What would be of our heroes without their antagonists? Take Anna Harris, for example, even though she is a secondary character in the book, she represents everything is wrong with us ladies as a group. Lake of respect for other's relationships, worried about her looks more than she should, opportunistic, selfish. She also can put a mirror in front of us, can we be more protective of each other? Be more united, thoughtful and less self-obsessed? Also, she highlights that we should be more conscious of the impact of our actions in the world around us, be mindful.

6. What was the first thing you ever wrote that made you think, I want to be a writer”?

I believe that everyone has a good book inside them. I always knew that one day I wanted to extract mine. It was a dream that brought the plot of Fanny Fun to light. Who would thought that sexy dreams could be so inspirational?

7. Do you edit as you go or as a full process after a first draft?

As English is not my first language, I use the app Grammarly to help me with semantics on the go, and after the book is finished, I use a professional editor to correct the grammar as I do cringe if I read back what I have just written.

8. Where do you write? And what do you need around you?

I can write anywhere, as long as I have my noise cancelling earphones to create my own bubble and a skinny latte, I am ready to go. I do believe a change of scenarios helps with creativity, and what a better excuse for a little trip somewhere nice so I can "work"?

9. Pen and paper, typewriter or computer?

Computer and fast internet for lots of research and a bit of distraction when needed. Checking the Planet Nation website, for example. ;-)

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