And the winner is... what the Planet London Ultimate Awards mean to us

When Naomi and I were driving round the west coast of America on our honeymoon this year, we first discussed the idea of running Planet London awards. 

We knew we wanted to find a way to recognise the hard work that all the women behind the club nights, socials, events, gigs, music, comedy, meet ups and businesses do that keep our social scene thriving. 

We talked about the idea so hard that on one drive, we missed our motorway exit by 10 whole junctions.

We put the idea aside for a while, as Summer got underway and Pride events and L Fest took over. Then all of a sudden it was time to begin preparation.

We created the categories, asked for further suggestions, then on the 1st October we opened for nominations. We received over 300 entries, nominating 118 people & organisations (many nominees received more than one nomination!).

We were overwhelmed by how much interest there was and some of the detailed reasons why these amazing women should be nominated really brought home to use just how much we have to be thankful for.

When the voting opened on November 1st, we still had no idea just how much you all would want to have the chance to have your say and vote for your favourites.

15,100 votes from over 1500 voting women later, and the results are in. We have been truly humbled by the amount of interest.

You can view the Awards Ceremony film on the Planet London website from 7pm on Wednesday 11 December.  

We will list the winners here then as well.