Are you G-A-Y enough?

Saturday night me and a group of fellow rainbow blooded lesbians arranged a night out for a little bon voyage trip for a dear buddy of ours. For this we decided to go to G-A-Y club to see Jessie J performing.

Our first port of call was G-A-Y Bar on Old Compton Street to meet up and have some pre-drinks. Entry achieved and discount entry wristbands to G-A-Y Club acquired as they encourage you to do. Let the good times roll I hear you cry!

Oh dear readers if only that were true, there would be 50 selfies of me on Facebook right now trying to get on the stage with the lovely Miss J and dancing with beautiful gay boys. Alas there is not... 

On arrival to G-A-Y Club under the arches at Charing Cross, as expected on a Saturday night, there was a queue. 10 minutes in I get told to start another queue so I tell the man oh "OK but I have my buddies with me" he said " that's fine" and pointed to where we needed to go. In the next queue there are two more men at the start with a sign saying "members only" to which I say "oh I'm sorry we've been told to come to this queue but we don't have membership cards". His reply was "its OK we are just evening out the queues", so again I point to my buddies and we join the new queue. 

Are you G-A-Y enough?30 minutes later, having watched a lot of people being refused to get in, we finally get to the front of the queue and the security check. At this point we get told we can not come in. "You need membership cards". So inside my head I'm like....arghhhhhhh! I breathe and say "oh but we've been told to come here, I did mention that we don't have membership cards". Her reply "there are signs up everywhere". So I breathe again and say "OK so we are just gonna queue up again in the non-membership line, then can we come in?" Her reply was no... I really, really wanted to be able to speak my mind at this point but thought it a lost cause wasting my breathe on these mini Hitlers.

It has never been a secret to me that many a straight person has been refused entry to all G-A-Y premises. Even a lot of "feminine" looking lesbians have been refused entry and actually told "you're not gay" by bouncers. This is a joke for many reasons... 

I can understand why the managers would like to have as many LGBT people in their establishments as possible, being a gay bar and all... however, who are you to tell someone else who they are? What does a gay person look like? And I'm sorry gay men, but you are extremely aware that in the lesbian world there are ones that look like little Justin Biebers as well as those that look like Michelle Rodriguez, not to mention all those that are in between. The same goes for the gay boys, we all have our different looks. 

Personally looking like the love child of Elvis Presley and Ellen Degeneres I never thought it would happen to me. I have been going out on the gay scene for nearly 10 years and not once had an issue with entry.

I have heard many a story on how lesbians and gay friends have had to kiss there girlfriends or boyfriends in front of the bouncers just to prove that they are gay, or mention what other bars they have been to or what magazines they read. When hearing such stories I have been very vocal in their favour, but also saying "I know its terrible but its just how they are". However I believe it is now time to stop letting them get away with this for one main reason. 

If we want to be treated fairly and equally in this world along side our hetrosexual counterparts should it not work on both sides? Should we not be setting a better example? If a gay person is refused entry in a straight bar it makes the news; if a straight person is refused entry to a gay bar that's OK. No it is not! When fighting the long game for equality in this world there is no space for double standards!

I mean the main reason for Pride festivals is so that LGBT people can celebrate us as a valued section of the community by walking and talking proud in as many or as little clothes as they want as well as walking alongside our straight friends and family to celebrate together. I mean isn't this what we wanted? I mean isn't this why we all go partying to celebrate and dance with our selected family? 

Also to be perfectly blunt, how can there be further discrimination against your own sexuality? Why are we turning against each other? We should not be taking our freedom here in London and other liberated cities and countries for granted. There are still many LGBT brothers and sisters around the world that are killed and raped daily in countries that believe that LGBT people are the work of the devil. 

G-A-Y you should be ashamed of yourselves for all of us trying to make this world a better place and make equality a reality. You go and shoot us back down a couple of steps... and all this coming from an establishment that refuses to serve Russian vodka in protest against Putin's treatment of LGBT people... enough said! 

Written by Sam Henwood, just another fellow citizen of the world. 

Have you been turned away from G-A-Y or any other LGBT bar? What are your thoughts on how they maintain a majority LGBT attendance when there are high profile artists performing? Do you have a suggestion on a better policy that G-A-Y could use?