Are you hAPPy with Brenda, LezFindr, Dattch & FindHrr? We tried and tested them all!

These days most of us have a smartphone, it is surgically attached to us and we use it to communicate. Additionally we us social media. There are a number of apps now available for lesbians to find each other, so I've downloaded them, played about with them and have reviewed them here so you can choose the right one for you!

Either read through the whole review, or jump to the app that you like the sound of!

Brenda | Lezfindr | Dattch | FindHrr

App Logos

App comparison table

App comparison table


Brenda ScreenshotsRules to enter the app:

  1. Over 18
  2. Identify as female
  3. will not post sexual photos or text and understand it is not a sex app

Usage Rules: 

  • Photos must be non-sexual and they must feature you .. no porn, no photos from the internet, we can spot fakes a mile away!
  • Most genuine girls don't say filthy things on their profile, if you do .. it'll make us look at it twice. We're very good at telling the difference between the things a man pretending to be female would say as opposed to a real female
  • Don't contact other users out of the blue saying filthy things, for the same reason as above
  • Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated! Be nice, or be somewhere else!
  • Genuine trans users will always be welcome on Brenda as long as the above rules are obeyed, transphobic abuse will not be tolerated

Best Feature: list view shows name, age, height, intro and image at a glance

LezFindr -

LezFindr ScreenshotsThis app doesn't work very well on an iPad. It freezes but the basic function is to see who has the app and chat with them.

This app is free, and you can report users with a simple click.

All photos are vetted before being uploaded.

This app is available on Android and iPhone which is a benefit over some of the other apps, but it needs some of the bugs working out.

Best feature: simplicity of seeing a list of all women

Dattch -

Dattch ScreenshotsThis app has a simple design and function. See women who are online, click on their photo to see how far away they are and chat with them.

The main benefit of this app is that it is very secure. Access to the app is invitation only, and even then you have to register, receive a link, send a Facebook message to Dattch via their page with your name, age, location so they can vet you, and then you get an access code linked to your email so you can't share it with others. This does make registration a little laborious, but you can be sure that users are genuine. 

Best feature: simplicity to use. Reliability of app

FindHrr -

FindHrr ScreenshotsThis app offers more that most and is trying to be more than a chat app. You can see what venues and events are nearby as well as women. You can chat, like and favourite users and rate events and venues.

This app offers international listings, which is no mean feat, I mean there are hundreds of events in London alone, never mind worldwide! Sadly this means that the listings are not exhaustive, or 100% accurate. We found a few events that had ended and there was a lot missing. There is the ability to rate an event but no obvious way to report inaccurate listings. The map function is useful for being out and about but I would probably back up with a search online to check the event is still running.

All women are listed and you can sort by online or distance and a green dot indicates women are online

Best Feature: map of all women!


In addition to all of the above which can be free, there is also Girl Dates Girls Community. Free to download, but you have to pay to actually use it. Has good reviews but with free options above I'm not sure this is really worth the risk unless you have tried all the others.

Girl Dates Girls screenshot

So, which one will you download? If you use any of these apps, or know of others, why not share your experience here?