But aren't we already friends?

There is a big scam taking place on Facebook that could effect you. If you're on Facebook read on, and share with your friends too.

You may have recently experienced yourself, or heard a friend say that they are not sure why someone who they thought they were already Facebook friends with were requesting to be friends again. Often the first thought is that you were a victim of a clean up where the person changed their mind and they want to be friends again, or a Facebook update had disconnected you, but there could be another reason...

The latest attempts by some people is to gain access to you on Facebook is that they get photos from friends and set up a duplicate profile using their photo. Then they look at their friends list and invite some of them to be friends.

You may be asking why they would do this, there are several possible reasons including:

1. to get your contact details (email, mobile, full name) to sell onto a mailing list (whilst not necessarily a security risk, it is a pain in terms of junk mail and nuisance calls)

2. to gain details of where you live and when you are away - if you host an event and put your address on it because your profile is only open to friends what is the harm you think, think again). Later in the year you post you are going on holiday and they have prime information about you that could result in a burglary

3. to stalk you. If they can see your profile, and what events you are attending, it won't be very hard to find you


So next time you get a friend request, don't just accept it, look into the friend account and make sure it is your friend and not a new account. If it isn't your friend, report it to Facebook.


Safe surfing lesbians!