Barberette has a close shave with Planet London

I’ve been a fan of Klara’s since she first started out. However I’m one of those femme lesbians with long hair that has only been cut twice since I got married in 2012...

However at the end of 2015 I gave up the corporate day job... and decided to due something to celebrate... so I booked an appointment with Klara! Due to Klara being so popular, I had to wait about a fortnight for my appointment, which gave me plenty of time to consider my potential new look.

When the day arrived and I turned up with Katie, we were delighted to see that not only did Klara have a new colleague, Mako who found Klara through Planet London (of course!) but also a dear old friend of ours, Casey from our days at London Raiders softball club.

This is one of the reasons I love Barberette – it is as much a social and a meeting space as it is a hair salon.

Not only did I let Klara lose on my hair (and my boobs!) but I even did so with the clippers and razor!

Barberette gets started on Naomi from Planet London's hair

Did I hear you gasp?!?!

I have a small buzzcut under my luscious locks! Come on, you didn’t think I would cut it all off now; it was a celebration, not a midlife crisis!!!

New haircut by Barberette

A few weeks later and I popped back for my tidy up – yes I love it and for now it is certainly here to stay. It was great to hear how well the BBC trip had gone. Klara has an amazing salon which she has worked hard to create and she is earning some well deserved mainstream publicity including BBC coverage.

I caught up with Klara and heard some exciting plans for 2016 for a bit after my appointment whilst I sipped my complementary coffee. It seems everyone is really making the most of 2016 – which is good to hear – it must be the year of the lesbian on the LGBT calendar!!!

Cut Throat Gin

Barberette Klara also has her own very special gin made by another business on the site where the salon is which she gives as gifts to regular customers and as presents; and there are plans for more Barberette themed items in the future... more on that later this year!


In addition to fabulous hair, Barberette also hosts a number of client events and also goes out on location. To book a haircut or to keep up to date with Klara – take a look at her website.