Desperately Seeking Spraggan

This is the journey of Planet London trying to get an interview with our favourite reality TV Girl with a Guitar Lucy Spraggan.

1. Starting as we mean to go on (29 November)

Still getting over our excitement at Lucy (@lspraggan) following us on twitter, we had put all the plans in place to make our upcoming busy weekend the first time we would see Lucy live, playing at G-A-Y/Heaven on Saturday night. We'd managed to work out a schedule that meant we could get back in time from L Festive in Birmingham to see Spraggan and lovely Rylan on stage. Sorted. We'd even managed email contact with X Factor Management to start to pave the way to getting face time for an interview - we know all you lovely women want to hear from her as much as we do.

2. A plucking pheasant puts a spanner in the works, or more accurately, it's body on the car (1 December)

PheasantOn our military precise plans driving to Birmingham on Saturday morning, we had managed to leave on time (before 7am) and get out of London in record time, to be having a comfortable and traffic free journey. On 3 hours' sleep. Little did we know, leaving 5 minutes later would have meant being able to get back to G-A-Y on time to see Lucy's PA. 

As we were coasting at 72 mph, in between junctions 8 and 9, a blooming pheasant flew across the M40, right in front of us, so low he tried to take out our car. Instead he caught the roof bar, and the impact ripped the roof bar clean off the car. Into the inside lane. Not good. We'd gone too far past to stop and retrieve it (but that would have been silly) so we pulled of the M40, checked the car for further damage and signs of bird (thankfully just feathers) and called Highways Agency.

They appreciated our report, and immediately put in speed controls to avoid any accidents by cars hitting the debris. Back on our journey,about 30 mins later we got a call saying they had managed to retrieve our roof bar and we could collect it from the local station post on the way home. A good thing as they are not cheap.

Awesome we thought, 5 mins detour onthe way home and we'd be almost back to normal. Sadly it didn't go quite the way we'd envisioned. Following a great day, we pulled off the M40 at junction 8A at 9pm as agreed, planning to get dinner at the services following the pick up. 10 mins later we were sitting outside the locked access premises wondering why nobody would answer the buzzer. 

A call to the regional control told us 3 accidents had taken all the officers out. We began to fear the worst. We were advised they would be back at 10pm so we went for a quick dinner (by this time it was 9.30pm) and had to choose between picking up the roof bar or making it back to London on time to head out again. We opted for the roof bar as we were already there. 

The pick up, when it happened was swift, and I have nothing but credit for the Highways Agency. Some of the roof bar is recoverable. But the time we lost wasn't and as each minute and mile home slipped by so did our chances of seeing Spraggers at Heaven. We did not make it back in time. We were disappointed. 

The journey will continue...