Femme lesbian visibility

It was less than 9 months ago that Pink Lobster Dating launched in the UK.  When Juliette Prais created the company she wanted it to be a safe haven for Femme Lesbians to meet one another.  Now it also has regular Celebrity Interviews, a huge range of writers, advisors offering women one to one support and is constantly branching out. 

As the UK’s only niche site for femme Lesbians, they have now ventured further afield to offer Americans a chance!

What’s really exciting is that they are holding a BIG EVENT over here on Saturday 21st December to celebrate!

This will be the first of many events across the country and will take place in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire at the biggest club in the area, Embassy.

Pink Lobster’s Party in December will feature some of the UK’s top female performers including P?NK the tribute act and Britain’s Got Talent Sexy Burlesque dancer, Fabia Cerra.  

The girls from Chica Bonita will be there - with or without their bells on!  There will be games, with internationally acclaimed Sex Expert Emma Ziff, prizes, treats and a chance to meet the woman of your dreams…

Embassy is a massive club across two floors with three bars, big stages and plenty of dance space.  So if you fancy getting sweaty with some lovely ladies grab your Early Bird tickets now for only £5.

Scan the QR code on the poster or click HERE*** for Early Bird Tickets. 

The Pink Lobster Team has also secured a brilliant 62% discount with Cheltenham’s Holiday Inn.  Here are all the details http://bit.ly/18MNkCd