From Hen Do to I do - our Chic Do

How did you do yours?

We decided to have a joint hen do. And we wanted to thwart tradition, so we called it a Chic Do (spot the clever pun, and effort to make ourselves sound so sophisticated!)

Joint because well most of our friends are mutual - and because who can afford to go to 2 hen dos, right?

So, we took all the best elements out of all the hen dos we'd ever been to, and rolled them into one. There was a mini bus, a BBQ, plenty of drinking, noise makers, suitable embarrassment and drinking games. 

We just wanted to celebrate our upcoming commitment in a midly wild way before the big day. I don't buy into the hen/stag do as a last excuse to go wild, snog loads of strangers, get so drunk you don't remember what happened and end up hugging the toilet bowl (there's loads of opportunities for that, right?!)

It was perfect. Non stop laughter, everyone getting involved and playing the games, and a reminder that we are going to really enjoy our civil partnership and our lives together with the support of our family and friends.