How Dare You Assume I'm Heterosexual?

As much as we hate to admit it - we are currently living in a society which is dominated by stereotypes. Not only are we considered a minority as LBQ women but we are then further categorised within that, which I completely disagree with.

A rather large and worrying amount of people in the mainstream seem to assume that LBQ women all have short hair and their wardrobes consist of only baggy denim jeans and Lara Croft style vest tops. (This particular style is what is commonly known as a Diesel dyke, or butch dyke, or just dyke  - all legitimate terms, according to Google, but very specific identities.)

I can confirm, THIS IS INDEED NOT TRUE.  

I, personally, identify as a lesbian and I love dressing up in a pretty dress and whacking on a pair of heels just as much as the next straight girl. But 'surprisingly' my choice in attire doesn't alter my sexual attraction towards women, nor does the length or style of my hair.

It becomes extremely frustrating and to be quite frank, utterly exhausting, constantly trying to explain to those, that because I wear skirts and Mac lipstick I don't bat for the Hetero team. Since when did our 'outfit of the day' become such an anchoring point for determining ones sexuality? We, as women as a whole, should be allowed to wear what we want without assumptions or pressing questions.

Assumptions of sexuality tends to happen in some places more frequently than others. For example in a workplace, those pinstripe trouser suits combined with a short spikey hair do, just screams LESBIAN, right?

No, it does not.

It says: smart, professional and ‘too cold to wear a skirt today’ or maybe just not liking wearing skirts full stop.

Flip this on the other hand for just a second. If we assert all these stereotypes to twenty-four hour life then surely, straight women who are lounging at home in grey sweatpants and vest tops must be in fact raging lesbians?

Why can't they see how ludicrous this whole thing is? LBQ women wear clothes and have their hair in their own individual style because it’s their own personal way of being comfortable in their own skin and dressing to reflect their individual personality, not their sexuality.

So come on now society, enough with the stereotypes, it’s becoming rather tedious. Stop assuming (we all know what that leads to) and grow up!