The Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Work Survey

Square Peg Media Group are launching a new multi-identity initiative addressing the needs of lesbians and bisexual women in the workplace, – an area that there is a need for more research and support.

Please help us get responses to the Work Survey: 

The survey takes just two minutes to complete and can be completely anonymous. It will give fresh insight into the obstacles faced and help give critical support to a demographic that faces unique challenges.

Based on an initial round table discussion, we are running a survey to look at the following:

  • 62% of graduates go back into closet at work. How does this translate for lesbians and bisexual women?
  • Are there enough senior out women as role models?
  • What are the unique challenges lesbians and bisexual women face at work?
  • What additional support can we offer?

Please circulate this link and survey to your networks, lesbian and bisexual female colleagues and friends…

It’s critical we get feedback to be able to publish findings and evaluate next steps in offering support.

Fill in the 2-minute survey.


Survey closes: 10 June 2016