LGBT History Month & Rainbow Hamlets

Rainbow Hamlets launches new LGBT services in East London — including domestic violence and hate crime casework — plus cutting edge heritage programme and historical resources. 
Rainbow Hamlets was founded in 2009, becoming independent in 2010, incorporating in 2012 and achieving charitable status in 2013. Now it is recruiting is first staff and launches its new phase officially on 29 January.
“Alongside Rainbow Wednesdays — a weekly LGBT centre in Limehouse offering hate crime, DV and housing advice, support groups and networks, community consultations, and voluntary activity — there is a rich cultural programme already in place ranging from Holocaust Memorial Day to East London Pride, from London Gay Men’s Chorus to the LGBT influence in Blues and Rock, from a gala LGBT history month opening party celebrating drag history to a one woman show,” explained Jack Gilbert.
“Working to build LGBT life in one of the most diverse and challenging boroughs in London is nothing if not varied, but over the years we have developed real expertise. If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans and live, work or have strong associations with the Tower Hamlets, we would like to cordially invite you to join us on this journey. If you work with our community we would like to offer you our partnership.” added Jack.
Much – but not all – of the funding has come out of hard won resources from Tower Hamlets council, “Without their support since our inception in 2009, we could not have reached this point, and we are grateful for that. This is the start of a new chapter. We are already working on other ways to resource the next stage, which will be to roll out health and research related activities.”
He points out the special Take the Cultural Initiative fund to help make ideas for very local LGBT activities happen, and the unique LGBT Holocuast education materials, ”As one of the founders of the Pink Triangle Coalition and Holocaust Memorial Day, who has campaigned for greater awareness and inclusion for 20 years, I am proud to finally create a specially written and curated resource with links to documents, film, and information gleaned from experts in UK, Europe and US.” They will be examining contemporary resonances in Britain and overseas persecution with new material coinciding with Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 Jan.
Jack concluded with an invitation and an appeal,”First off, join us at our free launch events. We have put together two unique occasions: the only LGBT-run Holocaust Memorial Day event in London that takes us on a journey from Pre War Berlin, to Bosnia and then to Africa, ending in Uganda and Nigeria; And a uniquely fun, entertaining and insightful evening as the much loved Dave Lynn reveals all about his life story. 

Whether you live in Tower Hamlets or not, whether your LGBT or not, your cordially invited to join us and lend your support!”