Lloyd’s of London CEO Inga Beale the first out Bisexual on the OUTstanding Top 100 Power List of LGBT Executives

This morning we woke to up another list of top LGBT people. But it isn't just another list. Every one of these lists is a step forward; for visibility, for pipeline leaders who have experienced glass ceilings in the workplace.

This year's 2015 Leading 100 LGBT Executives 

Number one is a woman, a bisexual woman. However with under a quarter of the top 100 being women, the glass ceiling is still definitely in force. When you look at UK executives - there are 9. So whilst this is a great step forward, it also highlights how far there is to come. Increasing the number of women on boards, requires companies to invest in their women. Not only provide opportunities, but provide specific training. Identify that women are different to men, and that the training that they require may be different.

CEO Lloyds of London, Inga Beale said:

"It is a delight and honour to be listed in OUTstanding’s Top 100, but the praise should go to the whole London insurance sector. I am proud of the commitment of Lloyd’s and the London insurance market to celebrate diversity and ensure we are an attractive, globally relevant and inclusive sector. Inclusion is the foundation of innovation, and having an open, accepting, and diverse workforce will enable us to succeed in a changing and challenging world."

Congratulations in particular to:

  • Inga Beale, CEO, Lloyds of London (1)
  • Liz Bingham, Partner, Ernst & Young (11)
  • Jan Gooding, Group Brand Director, Aviva (16)
  • Ali Berryman, Chief Operations & Technology Officer, UK Cards Barclaycard (26) 
  • Angela Darlington, Group Chief Risk Officer, Aviva (32)
  • Deborah Sherry, Partnerships Director, UK and Ireland, Google (34)
  • Misa Von Tunzelman, Lead Director - UK Marketing & Communications, JLL (44)
  • Kimberley Bird, Head of Group Risk Systems, Lloyds Banking Group (75)
  • Jacqueline Davies, Human Resources Director, Financial Conduct Authority (86)
  • Siobhan Martin, Executive Director - Human Resources, Mercer (87)
  • Isabella Segal, Partner, Nyman Libson Paul (88)
  • Audrey Connolly, Head of the Senior Managers Regime, Group Operations, Lloyds Banking Group (91)

2015 Top 30 LGBT Future Leaders

Whilst the Top 100 LGBT and Top 30 Allies lists celebrate those at the very top of their organisations, for the first time in 2015, OUTstanding is also highlighting those emerging leaders who have catalysed change in the campaign for LGBT inclusion. The ‘Future Leader role models’ list is topped by Aritha Wickramasinghe, an associate at law firm K&L Gates LLP.This year's Top 30 Future Leader role models featured 8 women, with 3 in the Top 10. Given the next executives are fed from the future leaders, the number of women is still disappointing. Whilst these changes don't happen overnight, if we don't start feeding into the future leaders, we will never increase the women at the top.

Associate K&L Gate LPC, Aritha Wickramasinghe, said: 

"Being out at work has meant that I can focus my energies on my career and contribute to the work place rather than hiding. People often underestimate the effort that's required to live a lie. Some people say that I am lucky to have been so well received as a junior lawyer who is out. But I disagree. There should be nothing lucky about being yourself. Whether it is because of your sexuality, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability or any other point of difference - no one should be made to feel out of place or treated differently because of who they are."

Congratulations in particular to:

  • Amy Stanning, Shared Services Director, Barclays (7)
  • Kelly Canterford, Senior Surveyor, JLL (22)
  • Emma Cusdin, Senior HR Business Partner, Thomson Reuters, (23)
  • Emily Sendall, Senior Consultant, Deloitte (27)
  • Christina Riley, Senior Planning Manager, Balfour Beatty (29)
  • Caroline Shrader, Graduate Project Manager, Fujitsu (30)

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