Our chance meeting thanks to Planet London, Missfit and the first Lesbian Prom

Michelle and Alexia met at the lesbian prom and have set the date to be married in June this year... find out how a mix of coincidences starting with the Planet London website brought them together.

Saturday 15th March 2014 was a night that was going to change our lives forever, but neither of us were aware of the amazing thing that was going to happen when we decided to attend the first Lesbian Prom hosted by Missfit.

Neither of us knew each other and had never met, so here is the story of a chance meeting that has led to us planning our wedding for the summer in June 2015 and letting all you lovely ladies out there know that love can be found in the most mysterious and unexpected places.

Saturday afternoon, I was sitting at home wondering what to do that evening. I was sick of going to the same clubs but didn’t know where to go. So I decided to look on Planet London’s website for the events when I came across the words ‘LESBIAN PROM’. I read the details about it and thought it sounded fun but had no one to go with, so was in two minds whether to go or not, when I came across a Meetup group I belonged to Lez-Be-Social who were meeting before the prom for drinks and heading to the club together. I thought, 'what have I got to lose?; I’ll meet up with them and have a laugh with some friends', so that afternoon I brought my ticket.

Then I had the dilemma, ‘What do I wear, it’s a prom, normally its frocks and suits and there’s no way I’m wearing a dress', so a suit it was! I rummaged through my wardrobe to try and find my best!

I got to the bar in Kings Cross where the girls were meeting for drinks. After a while this girl walked in all in black and sat with the group. As soon as I saw her I thought ‘WOW! She’s so gorgeous; I have to talk to her!’

I headed over to introduce myself and found out her name was Alexia and shook her hand, and in that minute there was a feeling in me I had never felt before, but I turned around and carried on chatting the whole time watching this beautiful woman at the corner of my eye trying to find the right moment to talk to her again, but it never came up!

After a while, I turned my back for a second to talk to someone and when I turned back she was gone, I kicked myself for not talking to her before and that I had missed my opportunity as there was no chance of seeing her again, there were going to be loads of woman at the club.

In the club I was wondering around and ended up dancing with my friends in the attic with Alexia on my mind the whole time, wondering where she was, what she was doing and who she was dancing with. I decided I had to try and find her even if there was no chance amongst all these people, so I left my friends and walked around the different floors.

It got to a point where I was going to give up and enjoy the night when I headed back to the main room for one more look and to my surprise across the dance floor, there she stood. I locked my eyes on her and headed straight towards her thinking to myself ‘don’t take your eyes off her, she will disappear again!’

As I got close to her I had a big smile on my face, I was so happy to have found her, and she too had a big smile ‘Hi, how you doing?” “Good!” she replied “Do you want to dance?” I nodded.

We danced for a bit in the main room when Alexia suggested we see what was going on in the attic, so I took her hand and led her across the dance floor and up to the attic, not letting go of her and with a really big grin on my face. We spent a little time dancing in the attic when we both decided to head back to the main room as it had better music.

As we headed down the stairs onto the main dance floor hand in hand, just out of nowhere we were standing face to face and we just naturally kissed. There was no awkwardness or weirdness just fireworks! We walked to the back of the main room and I held Alexia in my arms and well…..we ‘made out’ with a bit of dancing and some talking in between! The weirdest thing was it turned out we only lived 10 minutes away from each other for all these years and never knew of each other!

The prom ended and well….. we left together and then what happened after that will remain between Alexia and I.

Within less than a month of meeting we knew we were meant to be together so on the 12th of April 2014 we got engaged and 9 months later and we are putting the final touches to our wedding which takes place ;in 4 months time, and our whole future together!

If it wasn’t for Planet London’s website and the events calendar I would have not known about the prom and would not have met my beautiful wife-to-be Alexia.