SHE 4 ME & Nicole Pacent

We chatted to the beautiful out bisexual actress Nicole Pacent, a lead Bride in the Nicole Conn directed SHE 4 ME music video, describes what marriage equality in every state, and every country would mean to her.  

After many years fighting the struggle and progress happening at a slow pace, in waves and troughs it's now happening at a faster pace than ever but there's still a "long way to go". There's a lot of "emotion" about Proposition 8 being legalised but there's a real need for the cause to reach an international level as well.

Nicole talks about her "inspiring" fan base and some of the horrors LGBT people face around the world, with homosexuality  being illegal, let alone a fight for equal marriage.

She describes the realisation of full equality as an "unspeakable triumph", when it happens, and is very "proud to be a part of the cause" making it happen. She say's "it's so hard to picture there not being a lot more work to do, despite lots of wonderful triumphs".

Nicole's involvement in SHE4ME came about as a result of a meeting of many creative minds, sparked initially by Sue Melke, a "tour de force", whom Nicole met following her involvement in Tello's I hate Tommy Finch". Through Sue Melke, Nicole eventually met Nicole Conn (director of the SHE4ME video) and got involved in the project.

SHE4ME Gabi, Nicole and NicoleThe experience on set was full of "synergy and energy" for Nicole. The shoot was special, despite long hours standing in bridal heels, and the tight crew and direction made it an easy project to work on. In particular, Nicole bonded with co-stars Gaby and Mike, playing the other leads, which helped created respect and chemistry between them all very quickly. 

I asked Nicole about her dream wedding celebration. She pragmatically responds that it would of course depend on the right person, but something that brings together nature and spirituality, family and loved ones perhaps on the Malibu cliffs and fairy lights, would probably feature. 

As with all the talent taking part in the project, Nicole has been blown away by the support. Her favourite messages have been where family and friends have got behind the campaign. Nicole's parents have posted the link - a big deal for them to publicly get behind the campaign - as well as her childhood pastor and babysitter. Add this to the support received from people all over the world and it's something to be really proud of. Nicole's ideal gay celebrity supporter/Love Warrior would be Ellen. However mainstream support is really key to the success of the campaign, so if Brad and Angelina want to get behind it, Nicole would be very happy indeed. 

Nicole has a special message of thanks to all the Love Warriors out there sharing the links...

"thank you for being in support of what is one the most important causes of our time, thank you for not just sitting back. Thank you for all the beautiful messages – life is good and I appreciate on every possible level. You are on the right side of history."

Nicole is currently preparing for a return to the Shakespearean stage as well as actively supporting the SHE4ME campaign.