SHE4ME and... Cathy DeBuono

We spoke to Cathy De Buono, actor, qualified therapist and host of weekly LA Talk radio show "Cathy Is In", about her supporting role in the SHE4ME campaign, upcoming comedy horror film Crazy B*tches and her new documentary.

For Cathy, marriage equality is an "evolution of the consciousness of human being" and it fills "every ounce" of her being that evolution can't stop equality happening. Cathy argues that on a global level there is a collective consciousness of fighting injustice for humankind, and lack of marriage equality is one of the many ways humans beat each other down.

Cathy's involvement in SHE4ME is through her established friendship with Nicole Conn and Jen Foster. As a wedding guest, more of an "ancilliary supportive presence", Cathy had the opportunity to stand back and watch the production create Nicole Conn's "beautiful, dreamy vision".

The experience of walking into a grand room full of friends and members of the community all getting together and supporting the film makers, and knowing that behind the beauty is a grander message to the world that "Love should prevail". The tone of the day was one of "coming together, being a team" of mutual support and creating something beautiful together - about something beautiful - love.

Cathy appreciates that much of our challenges are that many people in the world are just afraid of gay people, and have struggled with acceptance of us because they associate the community with only sex and deviant behaviour. However, as late to the table as they are, things are changing and people now want to understand and listen, about what they are getting wrong, and realising they were judging the wrong thing and it's a relief to find out there's nothing to be afraid of. It is about two people falling in love, equal marriage, and wanting the same thing that everyone else has. Now they are listening we can't "uninvite them to the table" instead we have to make the table a welcome space to demonstrate what love means to all of us.

The campaign has been on a journey to get the message out there, beyond the LGBT community. Cathy's ideal celebrity tweeting supporter would be Oprah, and she is "honoured to be part of this campaign, even in a small way". She's grateful for all the hard work and tenacity in getting the message out there in a beautiful and creative way.

Also upcoming for Cathy is horror flick Crazy B*tches which was an "amazing" and fun time to film, alongside long time friend and the film's director Jane Clark, with whom she had been waiting for a project to work together on. It was a period of great transition in Cathy's life during the filming and she found it very "healing" to be on set and feel "safe and loved" as well as take on a "different kind of movie". Cathy indicates the film will be out in 2014, so hopefully it won't be too long to wait. The aim is to show to film at festivals around the world - mainstream, horror and LGBT themed.

Cathy is also finding time to work on a new documentary, Untitled, which follows her as she retraces her steps from young, working actress in Hollywood approached by a man, who went onto lure other women and in case commit murder, with promises of a key role in a new James Bond film at the Century City Mall to taking the witness stand on Johnson’s behalf years after she met the same man at that same mall. The documentary covers many of his victims, who individually stepped up and took the witness stand that led to his conviction. It's in early days, so it's not clear yet exactly what the story will uncover. 

Catch a glimpse of what to expect in this short intro from Cathy...