SHE4ME Love Warriors #LoveIsLove

We've brought you some interviews with the extraordinary women behind the SHE4ME Marriage Equality PSA. 

Now is the chance for you to get involved and show your support that we need Equal Marriage around the globe, not just in lucky countries like the UK. (I say lucky, but obviously the law was passed after many years of campaigning and hard work by individuals, campaigning groups and politicians alike).

The Love Warriors - the thousands of women being active on social media - are a key part of getting the video and the message out there. As the stars of the video put it, 

"thank you for being in support of what is one the most important causes of our time, thank you for not just sitting back. Thank you for all the beautiful messages – life is good and I appreciate on every possible level. You are on the right side of history." (Nicole Pacent)

"...amazed and overwhelmed by the love and support and the collective action the video has inspired. The Love Warriors are sharing the message with 20-30 people a day each. And there's been some great press too, incredible mentions in the likes of Huffington Post, She Wired and Curve. It's not just the sharing the link that has mattered, it's also creating the space for people to share their own personal stories and express their situations, creating a sense of love and validation." (Jen Foster)

"You are"so dedicated and devoted and committed", and your actions are "humbling, lovely and touching". Getting the word out there about the campaign to the mainstream is the key to influencing change, ...your "devotion and dedication so inspiring – truly the icing on the cake."  (Nicole Conn)

All you have to do is spread the word via social media - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest - whatever your platform. 

Why not tweet your friends and celebrities and ask them to watch & share the video as well? So far, Love Warriors have reached Martina Navratilova, Deepak Chopra, Melissa Etheridge, Suzanne Vega, Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty) and a bunch of actors including Erin Daniels (dana from the L word)... who do you think you could get to re-tweet? Maybe Clare Balding, Sue Perkins?

We have some messages ready for you to get out and tweet and facebook, selection taken from Love Warriors out there:


Marriage Equality has come a long way, thanks to the LGBT individuals like Nicole Conn and Jen Foster who have bravely taken a stand. I long to see the day when we can simply be just who we are, love who we want, without so much effort. After all, Love is Love.- Lucy Nico (Love Warrior)
Being able to help promote such a powerful message, feels good. It is empowering to be part of a movement that is changing the world. ~ Melinda Paradis (Love Warrior)
Our fight for marriage equality et al, is not to make precedence for new human rights, we want to be afforded existing human rights, fore we are separate from no one. The world has deemed us separate, the world has made us Love Warriors. ~ Anita McRae (Love Warrior)
Having been a Love Warrior and watching the process of SHE4ME come to life, its message not only touches me but mirrors my soul in a sense. I am so happy being a small part of this amazing project. ~ Susan Blowers (Love Warrior)
True love has a voice, from the tiniest whisper that can form into the greatest symphony that can unite many. I've fought all my life to show that this voice can't be silenced or suppressed it defines us as love warriors for love truly is love. ~ Sue Jackman (Love Warrior)
Love is Love, it doesn't require the condition of perfection, just that you feel it, experience it, give it, take it with all of it's ups and downs, laughs and cries, hurts and healing.....Unique, Unconstrained LOVE!!  ~ Robin Reed (Love Warrior)
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