Sit tight because I’m going to turn you into a true believer

This story starts just before Christmas.  For weeks an associate of Ultimate Planet, and a good friend of mine, had been telling me about a new Platinum membership program that Ultimate Planet (Planet London, Planet Brighton etc) were about to launch.  A membership level loaded with rewards.

Now I don’t know about you but I’m always sceptical about these things. At high street stores I’m always being asked to sign up to this or that loyalty program, and I always say no.  (With the exception of My Waitrose of course, but my obsession with Waitrose is a whole other story).  By and large these loyalty cards are a waste of time, taking up valuable space in one’s wallet for no good return.  I mean how many points does it take to earn a new lipstick at Superdrug for goodness sake?  The worst scam of all is YouGov.  You’d have to spend something like 25 hours of your life doing surveys to earn £50.  Total. Scam.

And so when my friend mentioned the Platinum membership my first response was to roll my eyes.  It seemed like a hard sell to me.  Let’s face it, lesbians are notoriously cheap.  If you don’t believe me, read this "enlightening" thread, or just Google “frugal lesbians”.  Yikes.  

Despite my relatively close connection to Ultimate Planet I just wasn’t that interested.  Until she started explaining it to me:

Friend: “So it’s £10/month or £100 upfront for a yearly membership.

Me: “Um, that sound really expensive.  Lesbians don’t even like paying £2 cover charges at venues”

Free phone insurance as a Planet memberFriend: Do you have insurance for your mobile?

Me: Well, duh, I live in London.

Friend: How much are you paying for it a month?

Me: £10

Friend: You get free mobile phone insurance with the Platinum membership.  It just paid for itself right there.

Wait, what?

Me: Tell me more

Friend: You get £5 movie tickets, from all the major chains.  Five quid!  And you get a free Taste Card.  50% off at tons of restaurants and cafes.  Oh, and about 75 other deals.

Me: Seventy five?! 

Friend: No word of a lie

And that’s how I found myself signing up in the week before Christmas.  I was on holidays and wanted to catch up on a swathe of movies at the cinema.  (By the way that perk was not just for my movie ticket. It was for every ticket I bought, even my friends without a membership.)

Save money on cinema tickets at VUE cinemas as a Planet memberSave money on cinema tickets at Cineworld cinemas as a Planet member  Free Tastecard as a Planet member

The thing is my friend had totally undersold the Platinum membership to me.  It is SO MUCH BETTER than she promised.

Like magazines?

10% off already discounted prices – on over 2,500 titles or a free month of unlimited magazines!

10% off magazine subscriptions as a Planet MemberA free month of unlimited magazines

Addicted to your morning coffee?

Every time you buy one at either Costa coffee, Starbucks or Caffe Nero you get 9% off.  That’s around £72 saved right there.  For.Doing.Nothing.

Save 9% on everything at Starbucks as Planet MemberSave 9% on everything at Caffe Nero as Planet MemberSave 8% at Costa Coffee as a Planet Member

Fancy a day out with the girls?

Between 40 and 60% off Thorpe Park or Alton Towers

Save up to 56% at Thorpe Park as a Planet MemberSave 40% at Alton Towers as a Planet MemberSave 17% off London Eye tickets as a Planet Member

Time to update your profile pic?

Free photoshoot with photo

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  From discounts on technology, to health and fitness through to online shopping, there’s virtually nothing that you might like to buy that you can’t get some kind of saving on through the membership.  Not to mention the freebies (free office massage anyone?)

Save 6% on everything from iTunes as a Planet memberSave 6% on the highstreet as a Planet member

In the first two weeks of having this membership it paid for itself.  That’s 50 weeks of profit making for me.

Two weeks ago I got an email – “Introducing our new wellness platform, stuffed full of free online tutorials, designed to help keep your body and mind in tip-top condition.” You got it – it’s free!

And so my love affair with Platinum Membership has blossomed.  We might move in together soon.  Which is great because I think there might a discount on a U-Haul trailer in there somewhere.

SIGN UP.  Seriously, just do it.  It’s the best £10/month you’ll ever spend.  It really is. 

Possibly one of the best benefits that isn’t immediately obvious – every membership contributes to building a stronger LBQ community in London, Brighton and the broader UK.  Because all profits from your Platinum membership are re-invested back into the community.

You can see more of the offers available on the Platinum Perks page.