#VotePride Launches

2015 is election year. Reports show record numbers of young people are not voting. National Student Pride has today launched a #votepride campaign to encourage more young people to vote in the coming election.

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National Student Pride - Vote

Nick Clegg said voting was just like ordering at Nandos. Maggie Thatcher (Queen of Soho) says she completely disagrees, its more like voting at Little Chef. You simply have to decide which option is less likely to give you stomach cramps.

Of course, the cabaret star was joking, as if she would ever eat at little chef anyway? But what Maggie’s comment rings true is with the record high levels of voter apathy. People are struggling to trust politicians and LGBT people are just as disaffected despite recent advances.

Since the last general election gay people have won the right to get married. And yet, there are so many battles still to be won.

National Student Pride - Vote

Just last week the Prime minister David Cameron responded to a letter from the Same Sex Education campaign, committing to improving PHSE for young people without once mentioning LGBTI rights. He could have just as easily been talking about rights for ginger haired people.

Cliff Joannou, founder of the Same Sex SRE campaign, told the Evening Standard:

“It’s depressingly ironic that by not referring to the words ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans’ or addressing the issues we presented in our open letter, he has simply further highlighted the invisibility of the young LGBT community."

Labour have already committed to bringing in same-sex education, and now so have the Liberal Democrats. The Green Party have gone one further and tabled a private members bill to introduce the campaign into law and it is currently progressing through the House of Commons.

This year Student Pride will be hosting a political debate with all five parties invited hosted by BBC and out gay journalist Evan Davis which will set the agenda for LGBT policies and pledges in the run up to the general election. It will take place at the free Student Pride festival University of Westminster opposite Baker Street on the 28 February 2015 at the end of LGBT History Month.

Its part of a weekend of events at the annual National Student Pride weekend. Get your tickets by visiting www.studentpride.co.uk/tickets

National Student Pride - Vote