Yubl, Double, Toil and Trouble: The Social Media App Spring-Cleaning Our Home Page…

Forget feather dusters and anti-bac wipes, your digital-detox has arrived. And chemical free, too.

For us LBQ women, this means a new potential space to chat, connect and basically… make our own.

And right in time for Spring, too!

Aimed at the under 25 crowd, I can best describe Yubl as a colourful mash-up of our favourite social media apps – Facebook, Whats App and Tumblr.

In a nutshell, Yubl is a bubbling community hub, that breaks down the need for us to have these separate apps.

And going by recent reviews, Yubl could be huge.

You're able to message your ladies directly and start group chats in the Private channel, or post in the Public channel for the people that follow you!

But does it win our Gay Vote?

Free to download and fun to use https://www.yubl.me/ , big names like Red Bull, Starbucks UK, ASOS and Accessorize have already got involved, with more promised to follow.

Something special about this app is its tongue-in-cheek approach.

I love the interactivity. Clicking and swiping through voting polls and images – in a fun magazine format.

Think; A Tumblr-come-WhatsApp-Hybrid…  with a dash of Top of the Pops Magazine thrown in for good measure.

#NinetiesThrowback, much?

There are even voting polls – from the best eyeline, to a yay-or-nay debate on a cookie-dough-come-scotch-egg-Crème-Egg.

*Obviously, it’s a ‘yay’ from me.

Perhaps offering more for the young at heart, it will be interesting to see what you all think.

Will Yubl fall flat on its face, or surprise as Snapchat once did?

Only time, sweet time, will tell…

So, will it be Ruby Rose or Cara Delevingne, ladies?

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