Arc over Time by Jen Silver

Arc over time focuses on the on again off again romance between Professor Kathryn Moss and journalist Denise Sullivan. They came across each other in Jen's first book Starting Over, Denise has lost her heart to the Professor but she is worried about her career and the age difference between them.

I was intrigued by the older woman's dilemma which kept me reading in anticipation of what would happen.

There is an interesting sub plot where Denise's closest friend Jas gets involved with a woman who is into BDSM. A situation that was handled with empathy and sensitivity as Jas tries to deal with the feelings this invokes in her and the situations she finds herself in.

Arc coverAll in all Arc over time is a gripping read, a well written lesbian romance set in England which allows for a chance to learn about history and archeology along the way.

Although this is the sequel to Starting Over it can be read separately without losing any of the enjoyment.

Jen Silver is an accomplished writer and her book is an engaging read that wouldn't be out of place on a shelf with fiction from the US. If you like well written romance stories with characters that you actually care about I recommend this book to you. 

five star book review

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