Book review: Binding Devotion - Kiki Archer

"Having it all...what's the price?"


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The perfect job, the perfect marriage and the perfect result in the campaigning fight. Or is all as it seems?


Set during the very recent and ultra topical campaign for equal marriage, high profile, glamorous, smart, Andi Armstrong, CEO of a leading LGBT campaigning organisation - public figure, voice for equal marriage is doing her best to win success and equal marriage. Women want to be like her AND be with her. Well, most women....


She's successfully married - well Civil Partnered - herself.  Loyal wife, but loyal to the cause, can she balance the two things and see it all through? Can she balance everything with new friends and new challenges?


Being the public face of the campaign has its risks - not everyone wants equal marriage nor agrees with Andi.


This book explores what things that look perfect from the outside, might actually feel like from the inside. Conviction, passion, temptation, desire and great sex scenes to boot. The story is gripping and the characters are easily imagineable within the London LGBT community.  


It explores what "having it all" might mean, and the challenges lesbians face even with the political actually goes our way. Having equality does not mean everyone will be perfect and relationships are still hard work and compromise - and don't always work out how people think they will.


With a suprising twist, this book keeps the reader guessing  to the very end, whilst wrapping everything up in a pleasing way.


Fun, flirty, sexy, surprising - it's a good bit of escapism. Set in London, it's a little too detailed on the realism of living, working and travelling around London for my liking, but it definitely creates a picture you'll find easy to recognise.